Favors Granted and Prayers Requests

Please send us your prayers requests or stories of favors granted through the intercession of St. Rita. Help bring hope to our struggling world.

You can email your story to shelley@stritaofcascia.com and it will be published here on this site asap.

537 Responses to “Favors Granted and Prayers Requests”

  1. Marjorie Petersen says:

    St. Rita is my patron saint when I became a Catholic a few years ago. I desire to look to her for guidance and wisdom to lead a holy life, and to be able to live with an a husband who verbally hurts me.

  2. Chinedu O says:

    After a long and discouraging period of unfruitful job search, I sought St. Rita’s intercession as my last hope to obtain a miracle from Jesus. Just 5 days into the novena prayer, a hiring manager that had previously turned me down after an initial interview, sent me an offer of employment with a wonderful oil & gas company here in Canada. I am most grateful to God for answering the prayers his beloved daughter (St. Rita) presented before his throne on my behalf. I am still speechless because this miracle reminds me once more of God’s faithfulness when situations in life seem impossible to navigate through…this is God’s mercy in action. Thank you Jesus, thank you Virgin Mary, and thank you dear St. Rita.

    • frank s says:

      PART ONE; My wife and I are in credit card debit and I am looking for work. We did get financial relief from my God mother (God Bless her!) So we are still praying to ST. RITA for part two. For me to get work and to remove any obstacles from both of us so we can do the will of JESUS in our lives. Thank you ST. RITA for part one. We know you will intercede for us with part two!!!!

    • Charles says:

      Nwa nne,

      I thank God for you. May the blessing that you have received through the intercession of saint Rita be sustained and preserved. I wish you all the best in your carrier.

  3. Muriel Muwaika Syacumpi says:

    I pray that the result of the biopsy of the lump removed from my right breast is negative and will not give me any troubles in future.

  4. Muriel Muwaika Syacumpi says:

    will wait for reply

  5. Muriel Muwaika Syacumpi says:

    Thank you St. Rita for everthing

  6. Shelley says:

    St. Rita

    Dear Shelley,
    When I grew up there was a huge framed picture of St. Rita in our living room. We did not know who it was. It was a gift from a parish priest to my parents who converted to Catholicism in the early 50’s. My mom passed away on Palm Sunday this year. My brother has asked to keep the picture. I have to confess I regretted the prospect of not bringing it to my home.
    This week on the feast of St. Rita I noticed that a friend is using that picture on his Facebook page. Thanks to him I now know that the picture from my childhood is St. Rita, the saint of the impossible. And although I cannot have the picture of St. Rita that I grew up with, thanks to the internet I can get a copy of it as well as other items that depict St. Rita.
    I feel as though my mom has led me to St. Rita for guidance and comfort. Mom’s whole life was a triumph over impossible odds. I feel such satisfaction and peace knowing that I can learn more and more about St Rita now and pray to her. I lost my mom but found St. Rita, a beautiful memory of my childhood. Thanks mom.
    Elizabeth Jackson Hall

    (note: I received this email May 25, 2012, the day my mother passed away.)

  7. Shelley says:

    I am very grateful to St Rita for the favour I received. I am sorry I didnt publish it sooner. Right after my novena, I felt a sense of well being and all my prayers are being answered one after the other.

    Thank you St Rita

    Ify O

    (received from: Gwen on Jun 29, 2012)

  8. mitch says:

    o my saint rita, thank you for helping me out in clearing my name in the bank. thank you for interceding for me. thank you for touching their heart and helping me out.

    i am very very grateful for the assistance that you have provide o st. rita.

    thank you and i love you st. rita…

  9. emma says:

    o most holy st rita pls intercede for my marriage so that my husband comrs back hone. fill his heart with love for me xx

  10. Angela O says:

    I had a problem at work and I asked St. Rita for help imploring God for a peaceful resolution. After 14 months, the case was closed. I am thanking God , Blessed Mother and St. Rita for their timely intervention.
    Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.

  11. Angela O. says:

    I was in the process of buying a house. One of the two bans approved but the other bank was not yielding. I sought the intervention of The Saint of the Impossible, St. Rita and my intention was granted. The unyielding bank gave response on the last day of my novena to St. Rita. Blessed be God in His Saints. Thank you St. Rita for your intervention.

  12. Matthew says:

    Through the intersession of St. Rita, my marriage is on its way to being healed. St. Rita – ora pro nobis.

  13. William says:

    My petitions to St. Rita have so far been granted.

    Most recently I asked St. Rita to help me ask my boss for a favor. I was at first scared to talk to him because he’s usually strict. But he granted my request without any hesitation.

    Thank you St. Rita for your intercession.

  14. please bless me with my special intention of helping me out financially tonight
    I promise to make a donation at your shrine and remind everyone about you

  15. R.A. says:

    Thank you, my Blessed St. Rita for granting my request so quickly! I have been saying a novena to St. Rita for some time, but have yet to see that (very difficult request) come to fruition yet. I trust that my prayer will be granted when the Lord knows the time is right. However, today, I had an immediate need to find a very specific type of job in a week and thought this was impossible, so I prayed to St. Rita. Within a matter of hours, I received a phone call from someone I did not know. Through word of mouth, she had heard about my work and wanted to talk to me about a job that payed WELL beyond anything I had been offered before. Thank you, again, St. Rita, for interceding so quickly. I trust in you and will continue to sing your praises!

  16. Stephanie Leonard says:

    I love you and pray for you , you bear the burden of the sinful nature of many upon your shoulders for Christ. Blessed are you in your endurance and Love for Him whom loves you infinitely.
    God bless you and grant you His peace Always

  17. Suzanne Vecchiarelli says:

    Asking St. Rita to intercede with my marriage and that my husband would be kinder to me,
    recognize my presence and communicate more with me.

  18. Quince says:

    thank you st. rita..i learned from the internet about your miracles & read the testimony of others. i also did the novena first for 9 days. my request was almost granted. then i continue another 9 days. it was then fully granted.my marital problem seems to be impossible to be solve in such a short period of time. it’s a miracle. thank you so much. i will continue my prayer.

  19. R.A. says:

    Thank you again, St. Rita, for your love, kindness, and prompt attention to my prayer! I asked for her intercession and it literally took less than 30 seconds for my request to be granted. I love you, St. Rita! You are amazing.

  20. D.A says:

    Please pray for my mother, a widow, who has suffered much and has not been able to find peace and joy since my father’s passing. It’s been almost 12 years, and it seems as her depression will never go away. May she experience God’s infinite love and mercy and find perfect joy in Him who made her.

  21. Agnes says:

    Thank you St Rita for hearing my prayers. I was devastated with hurt and anger when I cried out to you for comfort. I am able to move on and my relationship with my husband has improved quite a bit. I hope to pray to you more often for intercession. I have no one on earth to confide in, but I’ve gotten used to it.

  22. please pray that I make the right decision where God is directing me to go. I am 72 and handicapped and am alone and do I go with my daughter please Intercede for me. Thank you

  23. Shelley says:

    Please pray for my sister Dianne, who is sick in the hospital, my dear Saint Rita. She is my best friend, and I hope and pray that her tests come back negative.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Joan M. V.

  24. Shelley says:

    Thank you St Rita for answering my prayers. I was devastated by my husband’s
    hurtful words not long ago and I felt broken. But I prayed to you and felt you
    helping me heal. He says mean things to me whenever we have an argument, ever
    since we got married. This time it was too much. It has passed and I am so
    grateful to you. I also feel that I, or rather we, have avoided arguments
    whenever I feel one brewing. I hope others will find solutions to their problems
    too, through you.
    Love, Agnes

  25. John says:

    Thank you St. Rita for favors granted many years ago. Please forgive for not expressing my gratitude sooner. I pryed that my daughters would recieve financial help or scholarships for college and not coincidentally within in days of the conclusion of saying your novena amazingly and from a completely unexpected source they bot reciieved full ride ahtletic and academic scholarships to an outstanding university. They have both since successfuly graduated from college with degrees in architeture and digital media science repsectively. This scholarship money totaled over $320,000 for the both of them so it was a tremendous benefit. I never publicly thanked you at that time and I am sorry for that. I need your help again. Please St. Rita intercede on my behalf and plead my case befor God and Jesus. I am confident that because of your great favor with them I will recieve the help that I am requesting. I promise that once my prayers are answered this time I will not delay in expressing my gratitude to you. Thank you.


  26. JF says:

    Dear St.Rita,
    Please pray for me that Stephen and I will reconcile. I pray that I will hear from him soon and be with each other’s arms.

    Thank You!

  27. Ada Oko says:

    Praying for God to restore my marriage, to teach my husband how to be a good husband and father and how to be the head of our family both spiritually, materially and otherwise.
    Praying for God to pilot the affairs of our family (nuclear and extended).
    Praying for God to help us to bring up our children in His ways and for us to live the faith always.
    Praying that God will grant me fruits of the womb (unidentical twin boys or triplets: 2 boys and a girl). Even our daughter is complaining that God does not want to give her brothers and sister.Praying for supernatural conception, pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing for the children.
    Praying that God will grant us upliftment and bless and prosper the works of our hands.
    Praying for God to grant our daughter the zeal, knowledge, understanding, retentive memory and wisdom to excel in her academics, everyday living, prayers and things of God.
    Praying for a God fearing Nanny. May God provide a daughter after His heart to work for us as a Nanny.
    Praying for the success of our Canadian Immigration Application. The cap for the occupation we applied for was reached after we had applied. We are beleiving God that our application was counted before the cap was reached and that we will receive positive feedback on our application. We believe God for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa and eventual Citizenship in record time.
    Thanking God for life and good healthj and praying that he will continue to be with us and grant us His abundant blessings and favors.
    Thanking God for answered prayers and the ones we still await answers to, for we know that He who promised is faihthful.
    Praying for other intentions we are not even aware of that the good Lord who knows us best will provide for our different needs even as our faces are different.

  28. rich says:

    Please pray for Robert. He was in the Hospital with Pneumonia, but is back home and very weak. He is 85 years old.

  29. Ag says:

    I am hurt by years of insults and physical abuse from my spouse’s anger. I am to blame too, I provoked his anger. But not all the time, sometimes he provokes mine. But I do not hurt him like he does to me. So much had happened, I do not know what to do. What is right? I used to be independent, I wished I had more courage than I have now. I should have more integrity and stick to what I believe is right. I really thought he was the one for me. I used to believe in love, I was ready to love again. I prayed so hard then. I was going do the right thing.

  30. Bernadette says:

    Praying for God to bless my family. My parents, grandmother, and uncle are in poor health. May God grant and bless them with cure and healing.
    Praying for God to bring Paul back to the Roman Catholic Church permanently.
    Praying for God to heal my heart after enduring difficult times I’ve had to deal with at a job I’ve had for 7 years. I pray that He will take away my emotional pain and fill my heart with nothing but love and forgiveness. Praying for God to bring the people who’ve hurt me to the reality of their words and actions; for amends and reconciliation.
    Praying to God for more love and peace throughout the whole entire world.
    Praying for God to heal and bless those who are less fortunate.
    Praying for God for true repentance, conversion, and forgiveness–for me and others.

  31. ABG says:

    Praying for intercession, as my son JL has turned away from us(family) since his deployment to SKorea. Please heal his heal towards us, keep him safe and healthy during his tour in the military.

  32. anitha says:

    st Rita i came before you once again ,please help me to get a job at NHIF and father of my baby to get also a job at equity ,pray for us so this year can make a different in our lives we want to get married ,we want to raise our kid and to give him education he deserves but we are both not employed not having any means of money no business please st Rita help us we are really in hard time.thank you i know God will hear my prayer through you St Rita.amen

  33. Barb says:

    Please pray for resolution to difficulties I am now having to come up very favorably and for people who have asked me for prayers, my intentions, blessing for all who pray for me and my requests

  34. jc says:


    I just saw this today 1/12/2014. I hope your prayer was answered.


  35. Robbie says:

    Praying for God to restore my marriage, to restore my mental and physical health and for a freelance writing job that I am working on because it will supply some material needs to my family.It will be my last secular entertainment job. Thanking God for answered prayers and the ones we still await answers to.

  36. Shelley says:

    From Robert M. on March 3, 2014

    Hi, I have a prayer request to St. Rita. First for a freelance job writing
    that I am doing and second for my general health. I believe that ST. Rita is my
    lawyer before God! Blessings, Robbie

  37. anitha says:

    dear st Rita i came before you coz i believe in your miracles i kno am sinful and i dnt deserve any help but am only human n i trust and believe in God and trough you i know i will be granted my wish, i have done written interview in NHIF We where 800 and only 10 people are needed i came before you for your miracles so i can be among those 10 people chosen.iknow God will hear my prayer through you my dear st Rita

  38. Crystal says:

    I started a 9 day novena to St. Rita last March 26th. One of my intentions was for us to be able to start a new life in Canada so we can live peacefully as a family there. My husband started the application process and was stuck for a long time over a form which seems to be impossible to download and we’ve been waiting for a feedback from the Canadian govt for help but none came. I tried helping and looked for downloads everywhere only to be rejected once the forms were submitted to the embassy until April 1st, after my novena I asked for a sign from St. Rita that she hears me and that God is listening to my prayers. I then returned to working on that form from the embassy but after several attempts I get the same decline prompt. Since it’s time for lunch I left my my desk to prepare for lunch. After lunch I went back to my desk and saw realized that I left the computer open to my surprise there’s this PDF file that came from nowhere and after examining it, it was the form we have been trying to get. So we then filled it up and tried submitting it and IT WENT THROUGH!

    I know we still have a long way to go before we get there but it is very comforting to know that there is REALLY someone up there helping us and is hearing our prayers.

    Thank you so much St. Rita for your intercession and help. May you be honored and remembered forever.

  39. Shelley says:

    Dear St. Rita,

    I am praying to ask you for help, I am married to a man who I do not know if I love anymore due to years of domestic abuse.

    While he now no longer hits me he still does not treat me like a wife.

    He withholds money from me so that I have to get financial support from the government, he does not let me take our children to church, he calls me names and swears at me, he has even taken my garage key away from me. Meanwhile he will take trips for himself, he will go on holidays here and overseas, he buys himself cars, pays for massages for himself and goes to the gym and has a personal trainer.

    He says that this house is his because he has been the one who worked full time while I looked after our children. He does pay bills and sometimes pays for things for the children but his priority is himself and it is because of this that I sin by hating him and often being angry with my children because of stress.

    He doesn’t help me take care of the house or the children, he doesn’t help disciplining the children, he instead spoils them or hits them. The last incident involved him hitting one of our children with a belt across the childs face and shoulder which could have blinded the child.

    I am struggling with this latest incident not knowing if I should report him to the police, because other times he acts nicely to the children. When I confront him about this he tells me that I yell at the children and that I should look at how I treat them. I feel guilty because I do often yell at them and have sometimes sworn at them and hit them, but I have never hit them with a belt across their face. I have hit them when they would not listen to me and I have been at my wits end with desperation, depression and exhaustion for them to behave. Because he tells them to ignore me and he himself ignores me when I ask for help.

    I am scared of making the wrong decision, so scared of the repercussion, scared that I make no decision.

    Please help me St Rita, Saint of the impossible.

    Rita B

    I ask you St Rita please help me to know what to do.

  40. Shelley says:

    Dear Sisters,

    Please pray for an illumination of conscience for Jeff LaLonde, that he would be given the gift of faith in the Catholic Church and for the gift of faith in the Eucharist. Please also pray for a release from any spiritual, emotional, or relational ties to Bible Study Fellowship, a very anti-Catholic group that he is presently leading. Please pray for an immediate deliverance of him out of this group and back into an area of Michigan that is supportive of Catholicism. Please pray that this is the last year he is involved with this group, and that his story of conversion back to the Church one full of the Lord’s faithfulness and fidelity. Please pray for a miracle that Jeff would come back to the Church and it’s sacraments this Easter, and that Our Lady would bring him into a relationship with Her! Thank you! God bless you!

    God bless you,

  41. Maria Leon says:

    Please pray for a special intention for my son. He needs to keep his job, find happiness, keep hope and trust that God is merciful and forgives. Let us find peace and rest in our hearts, minds, and souls. Thank you St. Rita for your intercession.
    A worried mom

  42. Marie says:

    Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage

  43. Marie says:

    Please pray for the restoration and healing of my marriage.

  44. Monica says:

    For Hod to bring me a nice Catholic man and if possible M

  45. Monica says:

    For my intentions please

  46. Shelley says:

    In 1996 I had a tubal banding performed. In 1998, I began asking my doctors to please reverese the procedure. Every year, for 15 years I’ve asked and every year been denied. Last year I began my journey into faith. I began RCIA class and found the true joy and peach of prayer. It’s important to note here that as I became more involved in my faith, the more I felt like I had taken away God’s gift. That I had committed a mortal sin and did not see myself worthy of His forgivness. Knowing that I would not be coming to Him whole, I had reservations, and didn’t turn in the paperwork I needed to in time to be batized and confirmed this year. Last September I asked again. Kind of out of habit, definitely did not have any faith in the Veteran’s Administration approving what is considered an elective surgery. My doctor said sure. He put in the consult but it was near impossible to find a doctor in my location that even performs the surgery. There are only two….and one insists on cash, (certified payment) before even seeing you. That doctor told me that the VA will NEVER approve it. On April 17 I met with the specialist. He said yes and submitted the approval request to the VA. I immediately got onto the computer and looked for the Saint most likely to hear my prayers. I came upon St. Rita. Who better than the Saint of Lost Causes. I’ve prayed the novena to St. Rita every day, sometimes twice. I asked my sponsor to pray the novena, I asked my three best friends, (only one said the actual novena, the rest asked God to do what was best for me). Today is May 8, and at 3 pm my doctor called to schedule my surgery. I was at work and had to step outside I was so overwhelmed. I’ve always believed that the Lord knows what is best for us. And grants us our prayers when he knows we are prepared for them. Thank you St. Rita for hearing our prayers, for letting Our Lord know that I am ready and will always treasure the gifts He bestows on me.


    Note: she received her call at the three o’clock hour – the hour of Divine Mercy.

  47. Bernadette says:

    Dear St. Rita,

    Many sad things are happening in my life, particularly within my family. Half the people (specifically my parents, grandmother, and uncle) are ill/in poor health. I implore you to intercede for my family and that they will be blessed with good/better health and be blessed in so many other ways as well–joyful times, good finances, happiness, food, shelter, etc. Luckily none of us are homeless and without food. I just hope that doesn’t happen.
    In addition, I keep praying for Paul (my brother) to come back to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He fell away from the Church. I implore God and you to change his heart and to pull him back and he will eventually obtain salvation.
    Please also bless the marriage and pregnancy for Lara and Greg–for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! Amen!

  48. Shelley says:

    Please pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ that He may bestow His divine mercy on me and my family; May the Lord grant on us good health and safety to the glory of His name, amen

    Best Regards,
    Charles O

  49. Roula Abou Khater says:

    Love you saint rita

  50. Roula Abou Khater says:

    Pray for me

  51. Rose says:

    Please pray for my son, Andrew, that his heart may be softened and his soul enlightened to come back to our Lord Jesus and the Catholic Faith. Please pray that his depression and anxiety be healed and that he accept his responsibilities toward himself and his family.

  52. Sue Samaha says:

    Please pray for my husband to get a job we have 3 kids. help him to get rid from what he is suffering. bless my family Amen

  53. Anna says:

    Please St. Rita, you know my heart’s desires and hopes, please intercede for me.

  54. Shelley says:

    Pray for my son to heal from all that is hurting him. I also pray the same for his girlfriend. We love you Saint Rita, and I know if you ask, you will receive your prayer request.

  55. Shelley says:

    Please kindly put a prayer intention on Sr Rita’s shrine for Corine a young mother with breast cancer, and letting God’s love flow form our hearts to others. St Riata patron of the impossible thank you for interceding for us.


  56. Shelley says:

    Hello and good day. I would like a request to include me and my daughter in your prayers. I am going through a lot of problem with my 24yrs old daughter. Ever since she had a boyfriend, she end up not talking to me and being accused as an abusive controlling mother. I am still supporting her due to her income isn’t that big. She only knows me when there are issues that she cannot do. She no longer goes to church. I am still paying her college tuition. St Rita, pls I need your divine intervention.

  57. Rob says:

    St Rita please pray for an impossible causehealing

  58. Carole says:

    I would like to request a prayer to help my husband and I go this infertility journey and cone out of it at the other end with a healthy baby in our arms. We’ve been trying for 5 years and so many times I feel like giving up then I think why would God put this desire in our hearts if he did not to grant us his blessing? Dear Sainte Rita, Sainte of the impossible, please pray for me so God may bless my womb. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Amen.

  59. anonymous says:

    St. Rita please send me the red rose I asked of you if my petitions for this situation are granted.

  60. Shelley says:

    would very much appreciate it if I could place a prayer request at the shrine. I have someone living with me & it’s obvious after so many weeks that it’s just not working out. We are night & day different & I will not be renewing her lease. Her attitude following that announcement leaves me cold. I am concerned she will not move out ever & even if she does I am concerned about the safety of our family & home. Nancy

  61. Solitarieone says:

    Dearest Mother Rita, please intercede on my behalf and help my husband to find a job that pays enough to meet our mortgage payments before we are forced to let the house go. I am grateful for my own job, but it covers only the other monthly expenses. I pray to you, St. Rita, for your help.

  62. Betsy says:

    Please St. Rita in your name I pray that my Husbands situation will be resolved and that he will join our family next month. Please let him win the appeal . I will pray daily for a resolution and a quick outcome as I am struggling to support our children on my own . I await your divine intervention . Amen

  63. Sue Samaha says:

    Dear Saint Rita,

    Help my husband to get rid from what he is suffering. It is almost 1 month little hope will change our life. our kids still small please help us

  64. Esther says:

    I bless God for the miracles and answered prayers I have received through the intercession of St Rita, I ask for forgiveness Lord Jesus for not publishing this earlier. But I say blessed be God, blessed be the most High, blessed be Jehovah. Thank you St. Rita, thank You God.

  65. Sue Samaha says:

    Saint Rita please in your name and the name of Jesus i need help. Things with my husband little bit complicated please help him. I pray to you Saint Rita your help will help us too much, please our kids are small.

  66. Justin Nyior says:

    Thank you mother Rita for answered prayers.

    I lost my job in December 2013 in Kano state Nigeria as a grants manager to the M4D project.
    I was left with no hope and absolutely nothing to hold back on.
    I visited my family friend who introduced me to the 9-day St. Rita novena.
    And also told me a few things about St. Rita.

    While I was saying these prayers with my might, sincerity and trust in God, I also attended some interviews. On the 8th day of the Novena, between the hours of 3 & 4PM, I got a call from one of the interviewers, offering me a grants manager position.
    This is where am currently working. A far better offer then what I lost in Kano.

  67. Shelley says:

    Dear Ma,
    Hope you are fine.

    I am a student of the Institute Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), in my second to the final level now.

    I have written the Financial Accounting Paper for over 3 years now without success. All this while, I put in best but at the end, I only fail the paper when the result is released.

    I just wrote this diet Financial Accounting paper on 21st May, 2014. Kindly include me in your prayers to MAMA RITA to intercede for me to pass this paper.
    Many thanks,

    Its Justin

  68. Sue Samaha says:

    Saint Rita please help my husband to get good job we have small kids.

  69. Ifeoma says:

    I thank God for answering my prayers presented through the intercession of St Rita. Just 5 days into my novena, he has presented my husband with a contact who will provide him with a means of earning income to take care of his family, and also presented a job opportunity for my sister-in-law! Thank you, St. Rita!

  70. Shelley says:

    St. Rita has helped me so many times. But, recently she helped in the cure of my son’s illness. I reached out in prayer , but things didn’t start happening until I started praying for St. Rita’s intercession. Then things started happening quickly and he found the right doctor and he was on the road to recovery.

    She helped me in the exact same way 24 years earlier. She is a true wonder to those who feel as though there is no hope. With her help there is always hope. Thank You St. Rita!!!

    Margaret Ware

  71. Laura says:

    St. Rita has helped me with my request regarding my Son. Thank you St. Rita for your intercession!!

  72. Martha says:

    20 years ago I dedicated my ministry to St. Rita of Cascia – I am an Advocate and help people to obtain “annulments”. After hundreds of submissions, not one petition has been denied. I tell my petitioners to seek her intercession for she understands what it means to be in a bad marriage. The words “thank-you” are too small to reflect the gratitude I have for her care of me and mine.

  73. Ben says:

    St.Rita kindly pray for my financial stability, get a good job, get a good wife, pass my accounting exams, safe my family from demons that have overtaken it. St,Rita kindly pray for me.

  74. Ali says:

    Dearest St Rita, please pray that I may meet a good & loving man – someone who understands the importance of marriage, who isn’t scared of commitment, and whom Ill be attracted to. Thank you

  75. Shelley says:

    Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus, i am Asu Abraham from Nigeria. St. Rita played a great role in the healing of my daughter from a heart condition. During my novena prayers, i promised to make her know to the end of the earth as long as i live. To that regards, i want to start a devotion to St. Rita in my local Parish here in Nigeria, and i need assistance as in the full pray package and also the right image to use. I will really appreciate if you can furnish me with the essential materials and information. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks and remain blessed.

  76. Steve says:

    Dearest St. Rita,

    You know I have come to you before for the impossible. In the one Novena that I prayed to you you were able to straighten my walking so I wouldn’t limp. I thank you immensely for that. Now I come to you in dire need of your mercy and help. Please ask God to heal my bladder problem. I’m very scared. Please heal me so I can be the way I was before this. I know you can answer my prayers. you are the Saint that I go to and I need you so desperately now to answer my plead. Thank you.

  77. Theresa says:

    Saint Rita, Please pray that God heals my lungs and converts my children, My husband to have patience and understanding as I have been ill for many months.

  78. timothy says:

    Please help me St. Rita.

  79. John says:

    Thank you Saint Rita for your most powerful intercession. I have never come across such a powerful saint. From the moment I started praying for you to intercede for me, I felt a certain power from you and your strong connection to God. I believed that I would receive everything I asked for and indeed you have already obtained for me most of what I requested and changed my life immensely. Thank you for helping me stop smoking, stop drinking, granting me my health back and for granting me an incredible job that many can only dream of. Thank you for your quick assistance also. May the almighty God continue to bless you by showing you to his followers and may you continue to lead his flock to him. I pray that others will find you as I did especially when desperate and lost and trust that with you NOTHING is impossible.

  80. Brandon says:

    Please st rita help answer the pray for my skull. I feel like i was lead to you for a reason, please dont let me down. I feel nervous ans scared since this is the ninth day of my novena and dont known what tomorrow or later one beholds. You know my sufferings well enough, please petition on my behalf that god may be generous and loving to help me. Ive exhausted all other options and dont want to live life with this dissability. Please help me get the simple request i ask and may you help my families needs. I promise to do good with my prayers.

  81. Brandon says:

    Please st rita try your best to help me get this prayer answered. I promise to god to use it to better my life. Please help me get the second half of help that i need. St jude has helped me get the first half now i need both your help to pray for me and bring me help with this miserable case. Thankyou for helping me with the small things i asked for. Please dont let me down i dont have much left and i have lost alot. I will live up to my vows if you can help me st rita. I believe nothing is impossible to ask and recieve and i know you can bring me help in this case deemed impossible by others.

  82. Pie says:

    Please pray for my marriage restoration.

  83. Pie says:

    Thank you St. Rita for granting my request for accomplishing my daughter birth certificate.
    I love you and always guide us in Jesus name . AMEN

  84. Shelley says:

    Thank you St Rita for interceding for me and helping me get pregnant after many years of trying. Thank you for listening and answering my prayers my sisters and cousins prayers. Its a miracle that I am pregnant through your Novena and prayers. Anything is possible with St Rita.

    So Blessed

  85. Shelley says:

    My husband and I have been struggling financially for years. Loss of jobs, poor health, and a long, overdrawn custody battle that is draining us emotionally and financially. Please pray for us and may all our stressful burdens be taken away. May we be free of this ongoing legal battle, may the children be with us so we may protect them, may we finally be free of our financial burdens so that we can finally breathe and better provide for our family.

    Thank you.
    Melendez Family

  86. Shelley says:

    I have just started to pray to St Rita after a friend told me about her. Even though I have just started by praying her prayer and have not done a novena, I am already feeling better in health and mind. I thank St Rita for already helping me. I will continue to pray for her and tell my friends and family about her.

    Paula A.

  87. Renita M. says:

    Dear Brother/Sister,

    I’m pursuing my masters in chemical engineering from the university of manchester.I’m a great devotee of St. Rita and have always interceded through her to the Lord whenever I seen a dead end. I have been praying to St. Rita requesting for passing in my Masters resit exams. The results are out and I think the marks mean I’ve failed. I’m not sure and will have to go and check on Monday. But, I’m 75% sure it means i’ve failed. But, I believe in the Lord that he’d give me a chance. I humbly request you’ll to pray for me. If I’ve failed, I return back home from UK without a degree after spending a year in UK. I’ve wasted 1 whole year of my life. Not just that, I’ve wasted nearly 35 lakh rupees and that’s making me depressed. All I want is just to pass. I’ve worked very hard and come this far. I don’t want to return empty handed. I request you’ll to please pray for me.. I plead to you’ll.. I’ve struggled a lot here. Lord have mercy on me. My prayers have always been answered through Saint Rita and I need this the most at this time. I’ll feel dejected all my life. Please do pray for me. St. Rita pls do hear my pleadings and crying. I need you to work this wonder in my life. I promise I’ll give my testimony if I pass and get my degree… Please do pray for me. Please….

    Have mercy on me Lord! St. Rita, pray for me!

  88. Bridget says:

    I would like to say thank you for the Holy Spirit always answering my prayers this is a powerful novena. Thank you for your mercy Lord

    .Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances of my life with me, I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory. Amen

    In Jesus Christ, your Son’s name, I ask that you grant me (State your specific request or intention here!)

    While making the request, you must promise either:
    •(a) To publish this prayer or
    •(b) To circulate the favor

    This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult it may be.

  89. Shelley says:

    I would like to say thank you for the Holy Spirit always answering my prayers this is a powerful novena. Thank you for your mercy Lord

    .Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances of my life with me, I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory. Amen

    In Jesus Christ, your Son’s name, I ask that you grant me (State your specific request or intention here!)

    While making the request, you must promise either:
    •(a) To publish this prayer or
    •(b) To circulate the favor

    This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult it may be.

  90. Shelley says:

    I want to appreciate st Rita for hearing my prayer. I have gone though a lot of problems this past year, I trust st Rita will intercede for me.
    Thank you St Rita for giving me an internship importunity with SHELL. I believe through the same intercession ,i will soon get a permanent job.Amen

    Afua G.

  91. Traci says:

    Please pray that I may have a cycle soon so that I can start my ovulation medication to get pregnant. I have PCOS and I am taking lots of vitamins, herbs, and medication to help me with this along with fertility medicaiton. Please pray that I can get pregnant as it has failed 3 times in the past. Please pray that the medication can make my follicles very mature and we can have a baby very soon. Thanks

  92. marial bronkhorst says:

    I humbly ask Saint Rita for help. Please ,help me to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. My husband and I waiting for 9 years for having our first child but still no little bundle of joy.
    Please pray for me..

  93. Solitarieone says:

    Thank you, St. Rita, for hearing and answering my prayer.

  94. Chuck says:

    St.Rita,I pray that my relationship with Donna be restored and that any hinderences,obstacles and stumbling blocks be removed.thank you in advance

  95. ML says:

    St. Rita, you are the saint of the impossible cases please answer my prayers, please unite Lester and me in holy matrimony before the end of this year in the perfect way. It is impossible St. Rita, but nothing is impossible to God and HE will answer your prayers. Please please intercede for me. St. Rita i promise to visit your shrine with him when we are married as a thanksgiving and publish a thanksgiving

  96. Miriam says:

    Thank you St. Rita for prayers granted so quickly.

  97. lucie says:

    saint rita, please help me in my relationships, I really need a miracle to be with the man I love, S. L.please make him contact me again as soon as possible .I really want to see him again and that he makes me his girlfriend.


    • P lease St. Rita help my brother Raely who is in prison now for he stabbed a person because of self defense as alleged by by standers and he he was provoke to do so pls St. Rita help him in in his situation now amen…amen…amen…

  99. Kelechi Okoroigwe says:

    I really need your assistant, Oh my sweet Saint. I am struggling financially and i need divine intervention.

  100. preet says:

    Pls pray for my daughter she is suffering stomach pain.Also for my financial stablity.

  101. veronica says:

    Thank you St. Rita for hearing my prayers and answering them even from the very first day. Please continue to intercede on my behalf. What looked impossible yesterday, today has become possible!

  102. Claret says:

    Dear Lord,

    Please shower you Miracle on my needs

    1. Especially for my final settlement for my from Ascott & Sheikh Mohamed Al Thani. Lord enlighten the minds of these people to settle the dues of all the staff.

    2. There will be audit from the New Owner tommorrow. Help all goes well.

    3. Prayer to get a job in Dubai in Jan 2015. Please Lord shower your blessing on the entire family

  103. Karine says:

    Dearest Saint Rita, thank you so much for answering my prayers and my plea to help my daughter at her new school. To give her support and confidence. You stood by her side and assist her to settle in. A change in her was already visible after the first prayer. She has grown in confidence and is thoroughly enjoying school and making new friends. I cannot thank you enough. Please stay with her. Your strength and courage, visible through your endless love is our daily call. I thank you with all my heart and I am full of admiration and love.

  104. Shelley says:

    Hello. I found your site and I suspect it was not by accident. I have been waiting on an answer to my prayers and it appears that they may be answered in part. I am very grateful for this. I was frustrated and wondering what was the best way to publish my thanks and now I have found your site. Once my prayer comes to fruition I plan to send the story to your site. In the meantime, please pray for me.

    I pray that the Lord grant my requests of protecting my family and my wife and I in all aspects of our lives. Please grant my request of giving my daughter who is pregnant, a healthy child now and more later. Please allow me to retire successfully as planned this coming year and to grant my wife and I long, healthy and happy lives in our remaining days. I also want to thank the Lord for my endless blessings and St. Rita for helping me and granting my prayer requests these past years.

    Thank you very much and God bless.

  105. B says:

    Please hear and answer my prayer.

    O Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, whose pleadings before thy Divine Lord are almost irresistable, who for thy lavishness in granting favors hast been called the Advocate of the hopeless and even of the Impossible; Saint Rita, so humble, so pure, so mortified, so patient and of compassionate love for thy Crucified Jesus that thou couldst obtain from him whatsoever thou askest, on account of which all confidently have recourse to thee, expecting, if not always relief, at least comfort; be propitious to our petition, showing thy power with God on behalf of thy suppliant; be lavish to us, as thou hast been in so many wonderful cases, for the greater glory of God, for the spreading of thine own devotion, and for the consolation of those who trust in thee.
    We promise, if our petition is granted, to glorify, thee by making known thy favor, to bless and sing thy praises forever. Relying then upon thy merits and power before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we pray thee grant that (REQUEST) obtain for us our request by the singular merits of thy childhood, thy perfect union with the Divine Will, thy heroic sufferings during thy married life, the consolation thou didst experience at the conversion of thy husband, the sacrifice of thy children rather than see them grievously offend God, thy miraculous entrance into the convent, thy severe penances and thrice daily bloody scourgings, thy suffering caused by the wound thou didst receive from the thorn of thy Crucified Saviour, thy divine love which consumed thy heart, that remarkable devotion to the Blessed Sacrament on which alone thou didst exist for four years, the happiness with which thou didst part from thy trials to join thy Divine Spouse, the perfect example thou gavest to people of every state of life.

    Pray for us, O holy Saint Rita, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen.

  106. Solitarieone says:

    Thank you, Saint Rita. My prayers have been answered, and I am so grateful.

  107. Vanessa says:

    Please St. Rita Help me with my husband. I love him and want him to come home!
    Please answer my prayers! And, I will spread you word to all.

    Thank you St. Rita!

  108. Catherine says:

    Please St Rita heal my marriage! I have forgiven my husband and I want us to be together. There is only so much I can do to make him love me, but I have faith that you, St Rita, can do anything!

  109. Shelley says:

    Please Jesus , Mary S Rita and all Angels and Saints My family struggles to pay
    their debts, , . I am afraid to loss my house my car . S RITA please help us
    all! -we can?t afford our House please Please please I BEG YOU HEAR MY PRAYER
    AND ANSWER ME In this very very difficult time Jorge my husband work but isn’t
    enoughf Jesus I beg you we are deseperate Many thanks Maria Ines

  110. Tabugbo Obi says:

    Please, help me to pray through the intercession of St. Rita the patroness of hopeless cases, for a job I am expecting. I had interview for the job and was told I did well, I have even discussed salary and conditions of service and they say they will get back to me. It is now two week and I have not heard from them.

  111. anitha says:

    my lord i believe u love me and i thank you for everything in my life,i come to you again through st rita to ask you to help me to get a job so that i can be independent and help myself , my child and my family. pliz hear my prayers my lord am desperately in need of a job. i thank u in advance coz i know my request will b answered

  112. Shelley says:

    Please St. Rita help me. My company is not doing well and i am afraid my position to be removed. This uncertainty is consuming my nerves. I wish another job with an excellent boss who likes and wants to work with me. I would like to be surrounded by good colleagues, a positive and trustful working environment. If this company cannot offer me this, please St Rita help me to find another company that does, even at my age of 55. I am on my own, and have family to support. Intercede for me and my sister for God to grant us good health, financial security, many many good friends and if God wishes a lovely wonderful partner, someone we could lean on for the rest of our lives. Thank you, St Rita for your help.


  113. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita for helping my sister in her exam, an extremely difficult one, that she had to pass to keep her job title. She was very afraid to fail. We both prayed for her the Novene to St Rita and she passed the exam!!! Thank you St Rita for your intercession.


  114. Rossa Rueda says:

    Please St. Rita help my daughter with her high risk pregnancy may she and the baby be well, also for strength for my mom during this times my father is in his last stages of his cancer and prepare her for his passing and for my dad to be at peace with himself and God during his illness, and also for my family and personal intentions. Thank you for your help and intersessions you have always helped me always.

  115. Gen says:

    Please St. Rita pray for my sister’s healing. Please pray that my sister’s leg be healed and that there will not be any surgery in the name of Jesus. my sister is in urgent need, interced for her.

  116. Betsy Vipu says:

    Dear St Rita,

    Please pray for me and my husband Vipu.Please pray that his heart softens and changes.Please pray that he loves my mother. Thank you St Rita for answering my prayers in advance.

    Betsy and Vipu

  117. Ruben says:

    Pls pray for my marriage. I love my wife more than anything in this world and she’s no longer by myside. Thru st Rita of Cascia hope that god would soften her heart so she can return to my life and that of my kids (Family).

  118. vilma says:

    I am married 13 year this December but 4 yrs back my husband had an affair with a girl from his office And I seen some message on his phone and asked him he told me it was his friend who used his phone for. Which I believed him, but has time passed I seen a lots of change in Behavior and always out of the house late night parties and always traveling out of dubai. Then when I started questioning him there was lots of fights between us and last year 2012 April he told me that he loved that girl and he has no feeling towards me, and at the same time he told me that their relation is no more , but he kept insisting that he doesn’t love me for which I got mad lost myself and started behaving stupid and also wanted to end my life because I could not believe my husband could do such a thing with me we have faced all problems together let it be faninace or anything else got his 3 sisters married etc. after few months I informed my parents they tired to tell him but he said he can’t stay with me. But then I started praying and praying nothing else, now it is 2 1/2 yr we stay together at the beginning it was not good but now he talks to me discuss about our son studies etc.
    please prayer for us so that we are reunited again has one family’s and he should accept me has his wife, he yet says that if it was not our son he would have not stayed with me.

    Please we need your prayers!

  119. Shelley says:

    I am married 13 year this December but 4 yrs back my husband had an affair with a girl from his office And I seen some message on his phone and asked him he told me it was his friend who used his phone for. Which I believed him, but has time passed I seen a lots of change in Behavior and always out of the house late night parties and always traveling out of dubai. Then when I started questioning him there was lots of fights between us and last year 2012 April he told me that he loved that girl and he has no feeling towards me, and at the same time he told me that their relation is no more , but he kept insisting that he doesn’t love me for which I got mad lost myself and started behaving stupid and also wanted to end my life because I could not believe my husband could do such a thing with me we have faced all problems together let it be faninace or anything else got his 3 sisters married etc. after few months I informed my parents they tired to tell him but he said he can’t stay with me. But then I started praying and praying nothing else, now it is 2 1/2 yr we stay together at the beginning it was not good but now he talks to me discuss about our son studies etc.
    please prayer for us so that we are reunited again has one family’s and he should accept me has his wife, he yet says that if it was not our son he would have not stayed with me.
    Please we need your prayers!

  120. belgina says:

    Thank you St. Claire for praying for my son. He won the first place at the Math Quiz District Level last oct 2 2014. He represented his school in the Division Level. Though he didnt win he did well.
    Also thank you for my student participant to win 2nd place in the Science Quiz last Oct 1, 2014. To God be the glory!

  121. belgina says:

    St Rita I am once again asking for your intercession. My son Gabriel Ayrmund is once again competing in the annual MTAP District Level tomorrow jan. 13. Please pray for him and his team to once again win the competition. Praying for the gift of alertness, gift of understanding, gift of correct answers, gift of accurate computation, gift of carefulness in rewriting answers. He has a little fever right ow, praying that God will smooth the way for him to once again win first place for the greater glory of God’s name.

  122. Shelley says:

    I started the novena today. I pray desperately for an end to in-law problems. I have a sister-in-law that is so mean and nasty. I think she has mental problems and she gets her Mom to side with her. Prayers please! It’s been 17 years now.

    Thank you

  123. Shelley says:

    I have been praying to St. Rita that my relationship with my ex-fiance be restored so that we may be married and have a beautiful God-glorifying life and Catholic family together. Although we are still not courting again, he is actively praying and discerning now if we should be together and has been contacting me and treating me with kindness. Thank you St. Rita for helping him to be open to our future! Please continue to intercede for me and fill his heart with love for me again!

  124. Shelley says:

    Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus –

    I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.
    Dear fellow Christians, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people – which will hopefully, by that time, include all of us! Thank you! God bless you!
    Leo S

  125. Shelley says:

    My daughter agreed, last fall, to travel to Italy this spring, but now has second thoughts about this trip because of what is happening in Europe and taking time from her job which she has just begun. She wants to get out of it but does not want to ruin the trip for the person who she has planned this trip with. I am worried for her safety but have not mentioned this to her. Please help her get out of this trip, St. Rita, if it would not be the best or safest trip for her. She told me she does not want to go but does not want to disappoint her friend. Thank you.

  126. Shelley says:

    Once again, St. Rita has has granted my prayer requests for help. My middle daughter had miscarried a year ago and it was a very sad situation as to be expected. I asked her to pray the novena to St. Rita as did I and she is now happily pregnant going into her third trimester. Whenever I find myself in impossible situations, I pray to God and then do a Novena to St. Rita. She has never, never let me down. if it is right and it should happen, it will be granted. Last, my wife and I have been taking care of my mother and her companion for the the last year while doing a number of different projects and providing support to our family members. I needed help in that my hip needed to be replaced. It has all worked out and now through a series of events, I will be retiring comfortably after 40 years of working full time. You must believe, work towards the goal and again, the right blessing will happen. Many times, what we want is not always what we need. I truly thank St. Rita and the holy spirit for their blessed wonderful mercy. Trust in the lord.

    In God’s love,


  127. Diane Johnson says:

    Please pray for my son, he is awaiting a court case and unable to find employment. please intervene of his behalf, so that all goes well for him and that he is cleared so he can move back into his home with his children. His house is on rent while he is unemployed.

  128. Lara says:

    I want to thank saint Rita for giving me a beautiful, healthy and lovely boy, i have desperately prayed for. I asked saint Rita to give me a sign whether I was going to get pregnant and she performed her miracle on a closed bottle of wine we had at our home. The bottle of red wine was not yet openec but there was a lot wine coming out of it, until this day the bottle is still closed and no drop falls out of it when shaken but its still full with red wine traces. Few months later i fell pregnant against all odds, my little boy is now 2.5 years old and hes our sunshine.
    Saint Rita, May you always be with me and my family and with everyone in need. Thank you saint Rita for interceding for me and for showing me the way to our lord.

  129. Jennifer says:

    Please help me St. Rita. I need your help.

  130. michelle says:

    please pray for me as I went through a toxic chemical exposure and still don’t feel well very fatiqued please pray for me for natural healing through the l-rd as I exempted out of ekky mediciad. please pray for me for trios to the mountians and fun family visits and travel sand properity I know the l-rd said don’t be rich but poverty is not a gift and I know too it means do not be poor in your heart to the suffering of self and others iam a survivor of domestic violence also and thefts my outdoor photography though I should have done it during the week was taken I was trying to transfer from low paying subbing to putting my art in gallery and being ranger I did love the students teachers etc but a administer I never met falsely accused me of drinking from a past wreckless driving I took that showed I didn’t drink etc I didn’t have any compalints and she put me on probation for a year I never met this women before also for masters full funding part time and I need miracles a year a ahalf ago it was flash flooding totaling my car ruining my things by moisture black mold please please pray for me

  131. Erin says:

    I have been unhappy in my job for about two years. After many unsuccessful interviews and dead ends, I was ready to give up. My brother had told me to pray to St. Rita because his wife had had success with the prayer. I’m not super religious but do put trust in God and his plan. I prayed the novena and within days, I was contacted by a company that I had just applied to. This prayer really does work and I am ever grateful to st Rita <3

  132. Shelley says:

    Hi my name is kristine wilder, i hope you can post this on your site so people will be more inspired that prayers work, my personal experience had my faith restored and I will continue to spread the word in any way I can . My patrons are St. Rita and St. Jude. I just wanted to attest about their miraculous intercession. Just like you i had received a tremendous miracle praying a novena to St. Rita then St. Jude simultaneously for 9 hours in a row one desperate day.

    My suffering was about my rocky marriage . Me and my husband was convinced and depressed that our marriage was destined to end just because for the two years that we live together, we can only count on both hands the good things that have happened. We were talking about divorce and during this time I also flew back to my home country in the Philippines while he was in the States. I was so hopeless, hurt,depressed all this negative feeling you named it. I love my husband so much and left my home country just to be with him on that two years we were together. I do have my own career even before the marriage but this i gave up too just to start our life together. Moving forward to the results of my novena? It was insanely divine. One day he called me to say that i should take a rest because the next day I have to join millions of Filipinos who would take their chance to see Pope Francis as he make his way to his final mass on his recent visit here in the Philippines this 2015. He said that I should prepare well and will call me back after the mass whether he would start a legal separation or not. (We’ve been thinking about this for a month already while we were apart).

    At this point i was convinced that he will file for a legal separation and would not want to tell me until after the Pope’s mass as to just not upset me. Believe it or not after the mass and i told him about it, he called me a day later. I was so nervous about this phone call and I gather all my might just to answer it knowing in my heart I entrust my beaten heart,our marriage and my faith to the Lord through the intercession of St. Jude, St. Rita for 9 times every hour the day before and once, the memorare to Mother Mary 9 times in a row. I answered the phone call and I can’t barely speak as my husband overflows me with his words. He indeed prayed for some guidance while i was on the Pope’s mass and told me that for some reason he can’t explain, he suddenly had this great urge to continue our marriage and forget about the idea of legal separation despite of his strong reluctancy to reconcile . My husband isn’t a catholic person nor a pious one, he rarely seeks God and rather trust his own ability for the most part so when this happened i was stunned and crying quietly as he spoke to me saying thank you on my mind to the saints, Mother Mary, Jesus and the Lord.

    I thank the Lord,our God for this divine intervention and to St. Jude, St. Rita and Mother mary most of all for their intercession. This was an impossible situation turned into my discovery on how prayers work wonders and how dear we are to the lord that any request small or huge would be granted according to his will. I promise I would spread the word after I prayed for their intercessions. I do not know how but I guess this would be a great start. I also shared my devotion and stories to my friends and family.Thank you for reading this, God Bless you all!

  133. Jane says:

    St Rita has come to aid everytime I’ve asked along with the blessed mother Mary I’m grateful to both for all their help and intercessions and protection and vindication. I recently sent off a prayer request and it’s going mean a huge change in me my life everything I asked st rita for sign. We have two shrines here where I live a friend was going to one which was strange because we had just been to that shrine three weeks before and we hadn’t planned on going back until spring 2015
    She asked if I wanted anything I mention something then said no they don’t have that there. So then we get to. Christmas we exchange gifts, guess what I get a Large St rita statue it was a bigger version of a small one I already have and my friend was with me when I got the smaller one,!my friend insist that when she asked me if I wanted anything from the shrine I said the words statue I never said that word and what did say was not even close to the word statue but yet that’s what she heard and that’s why she bought it. I’m taking that as my sign because when I asked for a specific sign at then end I said send what you will thinking it would be one of the two things I mentioned. I asked a big life altering request and got a big sign in the literally form of St rita herself. Thank you God mother Mary and St rita

  134. belgina says:

    Please St Rita pray for my son Gabriel Ayrmund and his team mate Sheriella the gift of alertness, focused mind, tge gift correct answer, the gift of accurate computation, the gift of accuracy in transfering their answer during the Division MTAP tommorow Feb 3. Praying that God already has the 3rd place for them. Then with continous grace and blessings walk their way up to the 2nd place. And for the greater gliry if God the first place. Please make a way for them. Praying for 50 total score for them.To God be the glory.

  135. Erin says:

    Please St. Rita please assist me in my time of need.

  136. Shelley says:

    I prayed for my 17 mo son to be cured of chronic ear infections. I finished Novena one day ago and no ear infections during the 9 days!!!!!! It’s been 2 months of non stop ear infections. God bless St Rita and thank you!


  137. jeanie says:

    I have prayers many novenas to many different saints over the past 3 months to st Rita, st Jude, immaculate heart of Mary, sacred heart of Jesus, st Joseph and to st cajetan and I know deep in my heart my prayers were answered. I prayed for my partner (not catholic or religious) to get a job after he lost his job, i was embarrased to share because and when he did get calls from possible job opportunities he didn’t care about it because it was jobs in a different state. I felt that my time was being wasted praying for someone that was being ungrateful. My partner is still unemployed. I know god works in mysterious ways that through my novenas its increased my faith and its got me praying again. So thank you st Rita for the prayers, I got more then I asked for.

  138. Shelley says:

    I am a South African who worked for Eastern Cape Government. Apparently was unfairly dismissed but challenged through CCMA and I won my case. My employer was informed to reinstate me and pay all my monies but until today no action from my employer. Last I was advised to make an appeal to the MEC of Health Dept but nothing has been done. So I am asking the intervention of the Saint of the impossibles to pray for a miracle and remove all the obstacles on my way to return to my work.

    Thank you

    Yours in Christ

    Fezeka Lugqola

  139. ciana says:

    please pray for me:'(

  140. Lydia Miranada says:

    Thanks to the intersection of St. Rita, St. of impossible causes, and the many prayers my 3 month old great niece came thru with no brain damage or ill effects of her battle with meningitis. I KNOW this was possible thru her intercession. St. Rita’s Pray for us!

  141. Lucy says:

    God has the power to forgive anything but one thing. If you can tell me you were a good husband and father, then I will join St. Rita in her prayer for your families blessed reunion. It’s hard to go on just one side of the story. Even God believes in fairness. :)

  142. Nadine says:

    St. Rita please assist my brother pacifique. He has been in trouble with the law since high school. Please give him clearity and wisdom. Please assist him by clearing his name, so, he can start living a fulfilling life and for him to know that Jesus is the only way.
    St. Rita please heal me physically, emotionally and mentally. Please assist me in finding a job that will allow me to pay all my obligations and bless me abundantly. Grant me the wisdom to pass my CPA exams and pay off my student loans.
    Heal my parents, bless and heal my diveded family.
    Thank you for the intersection of St. Rita, Saint of the impossible causes and all your prayers.
    I can’t wait to post 9 days from tomorrow. God is going to do amazing things……..

    • Nadine says:

      This is an update! Thank you st. Rita I had a job offer last Thursday and started Monday the 9th after 2 years of searching! God is good. My brother is doing great, I can’ t wait to share more good news with you about what God is doing in my life!!! Alleluia ….

  143. Brian King says:

    Could really use an intervention by Saint Rita to help a client through a terrible time. They are good people, generous with others to a fault. I would like to offer up a prayer that they make it through this challenge.

  144. JOHN-CAMILLUS says:

    St Rita please intercede for me before God through our Mother Mary for my scholarship to be extended The authorities will consider it very soon!

  145. TCC says:

    I thank you St Rita of Cassia for all your prayers and intercessions ever since I am a little girl. I have never directly asked you for a favour, although I know you have been interceding for me during all my life. Please, St Rita of Cassia, I now ask for your miraculous intercessions, so that I may find a good academic job in this city. I have been applying for an academic job that will give me the visa to remain in this city for many months, and have only received rejections so far. This impossible petition will require your miracle, St Rita of Cassia.
    Please obtain for me a good academic job that will grant me the visa to remain in this city, where I can thrive, and serve the Lord through my academic work and dreams. Help me, St Rita of Cassia, to proclaim the Good News through my academic work, in this city. Please, St Rita of Cassia, obtain for me a job where I can teach and write with Jesus, proclaiming his Good News to this academic community. St Rita of Cassia, please intercede, pray and obtain this favour for me! I am in great need of an academic job that will grant me the visa, and I am in a desperate situation: I have only got a range of rejections thus far!
    Please take me to the place where I can teach and write with Our Lord, as He had promised. If you lead me, my dear St Rita of Cassia, to this promised land, you will have my gratitude, expressed in the form of alms given. St Rita of Cassia, please pray for a good academic job for me in this city! Amen.

  146. magalie vincent says:

    i would like to ask a prayer for my son to focus more on his education ,i,m worried about is grade ,hi is in first year high school .thank you

  147. Samira Meyer says:

    I am breast cancer patient

  148. Dana Jordan says:

    My sister is pregnant with twins at 47 years old. She was told that the girl twin is not growing as she should, and with her age and with her health issues it is a high risk pregnancy. There is a possibility that she could lose the babies or that she could possibly die in childbirth. Being a Catholic, she wouldn’t think of terminating the pregnancy, which I am glad too,because our family is Catholic. The father of the babies had a very vivid dream where a man, saying he is a prophet from God said to name his daughter “Cascia”, and that his daughter will serve the Lord. When she told me this, I immediately knew that this man meant “Cascia” as in St Rita. I have always loved St Rita,and she is my favorite saint. I have understood his dream to mean that because St Rita is the patron saint of impossible causes, and her pregnancy will be a dangerous and in a way, a hopeless case, that she must name her unborn daughter “Cascia” after St. Rita.

  149. Soman Mathews says:

    Praise The Lord !!
    May all Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ !!
    Respected Brothers & Sisters,
    Request your kind, Urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion in Office , so that I can help many and can donate more for Gospel Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh. ( I have been earnestly praying for this need since 2006).
    As my Promotion in Office is delayed for long, I am facing lot of Humiliation from all my family members and from my colleagues. Also in my present place of posting I have lot of Financial difficulties and other hardships ;so I request Prayers for my transfer from this place Urgently.

    -Soman Mathews, Chennai, India.

    सादर / With Regards & with Prayers,

  150. Brandon O says:

    Thankyou st rita for helping me get good grades a d helping me quit bad things. St rita does truly help to all of you who are considering praying to her. She has helped me with something that was dragging me down and i know she will continue to help me. Forgive me for not publishing this earlier and thankyou for petitioning on my behalf st rita to god. Please ask that he have mercy on me and change his will for me.

  151. Shelley says:

    Last 2010, I prayed to Saint Rita to help me find a job in Prague, and yes I was able to find a job in and already living in the beautiful city of Prague.

    Saint Rita, I am asking you another favor. Kindly lead me and guide my actions to meet my husband, a man who will love me unconditionally and will be my partner for life.I have faith in you, thank you.

    Kathleen C.

  152. Bruce says:

    Thank you St. Rita! I prayed a Novena to STs. Margaret of Castello, Rita of Cascia, and ST. Joseph, for good medical news March 17th, and my prayer was answered. I was afraid my HIV was getting out-of-control, but things are fine. I only have this virus because of my own sins in the past and I begged for mercy from God and He granted this through these great saints!!
    I highly recommend devotion to Saints. Rita, Margaret and Joseph for all of you reading this.
    Often my prayer at night is simply “I love you St. Margaret” or “I love you St. Rita”! And I know Margaret is officially ‘Blessed’ but I call her a saint. God bless you all……

  153. Andrew O.Ocholi says:

    St.Rita, I want you to intercede for me in my prayer request.
    1. that God almighty should prevent any violence in this forthcoming election in Nigeria during and after the elections on the 28/3/2015.
    2. I am also praying for my friend who is lying critically ill at the national hospital in Abuja so that God will bring his healing hand upon him. His name is Victor Ali Abutu.
    3. I am praying for a lost sister who has been reported missing after JAMB examination in Abuja on the 16/3/2015. The missing girl’s name is Jessica. May the spirit of God bring her out to her parent wherever she is .
    4. I am praying through the intercession of St.Rita for God to grant me this Immigration Services Job which I just apply for. May the st. of impossibility cases intercede for me.
    5. I am praying through St. Rita to take my case to our lord Jesus Christ to grant us another baby in my family.
    6. My family and I are praying for God mercy and favor through Christ our lord.

  154. Jim D says:

    I recently had a high PSA and ALP score, which might indicate that i have prostate cancer, and possibly, that it might have spread. I must find my way through the confusing health system to take the next steps. My wife and daughter need me, and I am very afraid. Please pray that I do not have this cancer, or, if I do, that I am healed through the intercession of St. Rita. Thank you.

    St. Rita, pray for me.
    Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary, pray for me.

  155. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita for helping my grandson with his depression and getting more hours with his work.

    P Menard

  156. John D says:

    I ask for prayer for healing of depression

  157. suzanne o'meara says:

    please pray that all the swellings/lipomas/lymphomas, small cysts on my dog jigme, will heal and not worsen . Protect us from all evils in this matter.

  158. lenie says:

    I was so tired when i came home from work. so i took off my glasses and laid on my bed..i work in the evening so i usually sleep from 8am till 5 pm ,sometimes till 7pm..
    When i woke up, i couldn’t find my glasses which is necessary for me since my eyes sore when im facing computers for 8hrs.
    I kept on looking every corner of the room. i checked the bathroom under my bed and i even moved my bed but found nothing.
    I decided no to go to work and planned to look for it in the morning.
    Again i checked every corner and found nothing…i almost lose hope that i will find it and said to myself that i will go to the eyedoctor again to check my eyes and have new glasses..so i sat down and prayed to St Rita that i hope i will be able to find it so i dont need to buy a new one..and right away! when i looked at one side of the room, i found my glasses…so thank you so much st.Rita..it may just a small favor for somebody but for me, it’s not just simple thing..it’s a Miracle.

  159. lenie says:

    I also ask for your prayers to help me To move on
    I feel so down when my 1yr boyfriend broke up with me coz he said that the feeling he had for me before was gone,but only to find out that he already found someone else. It really hurt me because he’s my first long term relationship and he’s been to seminary for 5 years and i was thinking that he would be true to me as i am true to him. im trying my very best to forget about everything between us especially those memries and tried to move on. Until now i can still feelthe pain but im trying to divert my attention and pray to St Rita that i could get through it And that She will give me peace of mind and ease my pain.

  160. cynthia says:

    please saint Rita I beg of you please my family spare my children my husband and me from incurable illness if there is disease in our body please saint Rita pray that God heal us completely. Please God restore our lives and our future. Saint Rita the saint of impossible cases intercede my prayers

  161. R says:

    1. prayers that God sends my daughter the right man soon
    2. prayers that parents register their children for my classes and we will therefore have a spring session in all 3 locations. This is how i make my living. I am really desperate.
    Thank you!

  162. S says:

    St. Rita, I want to THANK YOU for my miracle. I prayed to you with lots of faith and you heard me. I am so happy and thankful to you. I also prayed to St. Jude, Our Lord and all the saints n angels thank you all!!!!

  163. Shelley says:

    Good day! I am Marjorie A. from Duero Bohol Philippines. I am requesting for a prayer special intentions for my student visa application to Australia. I already had my interview last april 16 but somehow it gave a negative impression that my show money have been closed. I need a miracle and help from St. Rita that despite what happened the decision makers would still approve my visa. May the Lord God grant this desire of my heart all for my family through the intercession of St. Rita. God is after all merciful. Please unite me in your prayers.

    Thank you…

  164. TM says:

    I would like to thank St Rita for answering my prayers. Last week my brothers workplace wouldn’t renew his contract. He was at crossroads, not knowing what to do or plan for the future. He has a wife and kids too. After praying the St Rita novena, our prayers were answered in just a few days. Thank you St Rita, Saint of the impossible!

  165. TM says:

    I prayed whole heartedly to St Rita to help me pass my exam, I did. I promised to let her name known so that’s why I’m posting this. Thank you St Rita.

  166. Shelley says:

    Dear Shelley
    I finish a novena to St. Rita to help me pray to obtain this
    favor of achieving my sales goal by today 4/19/15. I have done satisfactory so
    far, I only need $8500 before 4/30/15. I believe my prayer is already answered.
    Thanks St. Rita.

  167. loui says:

    Thank you St. Rita for the instant healing of my headache. I know you are hearing our prayers.

  168. Jennifer says:

    Please pray for my dad Tim H. He has stage 4 cancer and doesn’t have much time. We’re asking for a miracle healing. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

  169. Shelley says:

    My mom prayed to Saint Rita so that my husband and I could find a home since we will be relocating. Prayer answered! Thank you Saint Rita.

    We are now praying that the process goes according to originally promised by superiors so that we can put an offer on said home.

    You may print this using my first name and last initial.

    Deb B

  170. Jackie Badaki says:

    I am from Nigeria and a group of women in my chaplaincy (Regina Caeli Chaplaincy, Federal University Lokoja-Nigeria), would like to begin devotions to St Rita of Cascia. How do we go about it? is there a constitution? What days of the week are meetings held, and time duration. Membership requirements?. Thanks.

  171. Jen says:

    Thank you Lord and St. Rita for a successful day today. Please continue helping me and my mother until the last stage. I will honor you and bless your name forever together with the Lord our God.

  172. Shelley says:

    Hi my name is Brandon and a couple of months ago I pushed away the woman I was intending to marry because my parents had just filed for divorce and I was alone over seas serving in the marine corps. My head wasn’t right and I was alone and pushed her away. I’ve since, gotten my head right, reconnected with God and started trying to piece back my relationship. I turned to St. Rita 9 days ago and today (this morning) was my 9th day of prayer and true to the words I spoke she granted my petition of a rebirth of my relationship with this incredible woman. It didn’t happen exactly the way I would have wanted but the response to my prayer was an incredible comfort and I want to be good to my word and have my story published please? It’s not something incredibly noteworthy to anyone but me and I get that, I just pray it’s not too selfish to actually publish this. Anyways I know she can here me, but I’ll put it in this story too, thank you St. Rita…

    Brandon R.

  173. Cathy says:

    I have gone thru 2 major cancer surgeries and need a some special favors known to my heart. I would be so very grateful for St. Rita’s intercession and for this most special blessed favor.Please St. Rita, would you intercede to Jesus’s merciful heart with this petition? Thank you and may God bless you.

  174. rebecca says:

    please pray with me. Thankyou Lord that your kingdom of Heaven has come. Christ consciousness has been overflowing into our world now. All is love, peace, joy, calm, clean, repaired, wonderfully positive, magnificent, divine, one with you Lord, kind, utter bliss. All people have been smiling more, laughing more, more kind, more friendly, empathetic, more joyous, cleaner, smarter, divine, youthful, beautiful, overly considerate, overly compassionate and overly generous. All negativity, sin, evil, anger, hate, fear, sickness, greed, suffering, lack, hunger, disrespect, arrogance, killing, death, decay, wickedness, indecencies, sensuality, swearing, stealing, lying and all which is not heavenly has been eradicated from our world now. Only wonderful, positive, miraculous, heavenly, divine, supernatural, magical things and visions of Jesus and his loving angels have been happening now to all people around the world. All dna has been repaired. All has been run in only positive heavenly syncronicity now. All crown chakras have been opened to hearing the music of heaven and the voice of God and the insatiable need and love for Jesus and to follow your commandments and repent of their sins. Prosperity, abundance, generosity has been overflowing now to all people in only wonderful positive heavenly ways. All people have been treated like royalty now in all ways. All governments and Ceos have been giving back millions of dollars now to the working class people, all which they have stolen now for hundreds of years. Jesus has become the king and ruler of the world now. All people live in a state of utter bliss and prosperity. Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name. Amen

  175. Christina says:

    St. Rita, pray for me and my family.

  176. Shelley says:

    Hello Shelley,

    This note is overdue but important nonetheless. Last October, my 10-year daughter made a prayer banner featuring Saint Rita of Cascia for the Catholic elementary school she attends outside of Boston, MA. I attached a photo of her prayer banner. My daughter had chosen Saint Rita since Rita was her great-grandmother Concetta’s middle name. After she made her prayer banner we learned that Concetta used to attend Saint Rita’s Church in Haverhill, MA as a girl and had chosen Rita to be her middle name when making her confirmation. My family began to feel Saint Rita was watching over us shortly thereafter. The morning of November 20, 2014, my 52-year old sister in Texas had a stroke caused by a blood clot in her basal artery. Her speech and vision were horribly distorted. The infusion of TPA failed to dissolve the clot so she was scheduled to undergo surgery so a neurosurgeon could remove the clot. In reading the medical literature, it was discovered that basal artery strokes are typically 85-90% fatal. I immediately began praying to Saint Rita of Cascia (and Saint Pio of Pietrelcina) before her neurosurgery until the clot was successfully removed.

    I then began a 9-day novena to Saint Rita and asked Saint Rita to intercede on my sister’s behalf so she would continue to recover and have no long-lasting effects or health issues from her stroke. Her vision and speech returned quickly to normal and she did not need speech therapy – both miraculous feats!

    I strongly believe Saint Rita of Cascia saved my sister’s life. I am forever indebted to Saint Rita and will continue to sing her praises and pray to her.

    Regards, Kate M.

  177. Shelley says:

    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanksgiving for the help and intercession of St. Rita for granting my wish that was near to impossible of granting my visa for Australia. i got the visa on April 30 few days after i requested for a prayer. Thank you so much St. Rita! glory and praise to God forever!


  178. Anthonia says:

    please pray with me.I am asking saint Rita of Cascia to plead for me at the throne of mercy on these my following request during this nine days novena. That God may heal my daughter of Asthma disease, heart problem and bones problem, that God may heal my son of his naval and stomach problem and inability to speak well, that God may heal my husband”s health challenges and grant him divine connection to give him financial freedom, that God may grant me good health of body, remove thorns on my way and give me divine connection that would open doors of success for me and my family. I pray for my immediate sister that through St Rita , God should bless her this year with marriage with the best husband for her. I shall be looking forward to receive answers to all my request . thank you Jesus, thank you Mother Mary and thank you Saint Rita

  179. Francis says:

    I ask you dear Saint Rita,to obtain for me the Miracle i so much need.
    Pray to the Secred Heart of Jesus for me,and obtain for the £323,000.
    Your the Saint of the Impossible.
    Make this possible,i ask through your merits, the merits of Mother Mary,St.Joseph and Jesus Passion and Death.Amen

  180. Tina says:

    I pray to you St Rita for you intercession to help save my house. We made so many attempts to modify our home loan. I need your help so we may stay in our home. I am asking this for myself and my family. Thank you St Rita for any help you can provide. God bless.

  181. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita for the comfort provided to friend’s family and friends at the time of the loss of their loved one….and for the proof that the soul lives on.

    Deb B

  182. Tina says:

    Dear st. Rita I continue to pray to u for help with my house. I hope that u intercede and give us additional time. Thank you for all that u do and contue to do to help those in most need. Amen

  183. Deb B says:

    Thank you St. Rita – prayers answered! A friend’s mom has a terminal illness and she is now not in pain. Thank you St. Rita from both of us for prayers answered!
    Deb B

  184. Shelley says:

    I began a novena to St. Rita asking her to pray for an intention of mine. By the 4th day, I began to notice a major shift in my view of the intention and by the 5th day, I knew that the intention I had been praying for was not right for me. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer. Even though I did not get the intention I asked for, I did ask that it be granted if it was in accordance with God’s will. Since it was not in accordance with God’s will, my prayer was answered after all. And Jesus granted me peace. Thank you St. Rita for praying for me and my intention.


  185. rosette says:

    please pray fo healing from cance r for my son

  186. victor says:

    I ask for st. Rita’s intercession that God heal my dizziness, ringing in my ears and the cloudiness I feel in my head….

  187. Shelley says:

    Saint Rita of Cascia,
    Thank you for your intercession in helping my daughter through her Grave’s
    Disease and Hyperthyroidism. Her numbers are beginning to come down in spite
    of being allergic to the thyroid medication. Thank you for helping the
    alternative medication to work so we do not have to destroy her thyroid.

    Tim V.

  188. Peter says:

    Request Saint Rita to help our troubled marriage and open lines of communication

  189. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita please help me intercede to God to help me secure a good job,help me in my financial crisis and uplift my family from every danger of evil ones and success in all we do. Amen. St Rita please pray for me. Thanks

    Esther. Abuja Nigeria.

  190. Corina says:

    Thank you St. Rita for graciously granting my request. I will forever be grateful for what you have done for the healing of my marriage

  191. Rose says:

    I have lost my job and we are in a great deal of debt. I feel overwhelmed and confused. I don’t know what God wants me to do. What should I do? St Rita please intercede for me

  192. kirollos says:

    Pray for me Saint Rita to have a baby boy

  193. Uche says:

    As i start my novena today i pray that God gives me my life partner through the intercession of saint Rita of Cascia Saint of Impossibilities. i pray God gives a loving, educated, and devout catholic as a life partner and someone who is ready to care of his responsibilities as a husband.

    saint Rita of cascia Pray for me Amen

  194. paul says:

    Blessed be Saint Rita, started a Novena to her and today is the fifth day and I just got a call for an interview for a position that should perfectly fit my background and experiences, so do not give up praying.

  195. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita for prayers answered! Obstacles removed for our move! Thank you St. Rita!

    Deb B

  196. Phil Angela says:

    Thnk you so much st. Rita for all your miracles. The ones in my life and the ones in people all over the world. I read the requests n answered prayers here and it gives me great joy to see the wonders you do in the life of many. I personally want to say thank you for prayers answered . You always answer me whenever I call for your assistance , I so humbled and grateful for your intercessions. I recently started the novena to st. Rita and on the third day of the novenna I received a goodnew and got my green card, which was one of my intentions, then I started seeing a change in my hubby.., from his rude and selfish behavior. I’m still on the novenna and trusting for more prayers answered. Thnk you so much for your intercession to our lord Jesus Christ .i love you. Thank you so much.

  197. Lisa B. says:

    In thanksgiving for St. Rita’s intercession. My prayers were answered for my daughters to pass their exams and receive good grades. Also, I have prayed to St. Rita for help with our family’s relationship to improve, and it has! She has helped me with innumberable things. Thank you dear St. Rita


  198. Shelley says:

    Thru the intercession of St. Rita I had my prayers answered. I prayer God for hearing my prayers to accomplish my sales goals. Amen
    Jenneh B

  199. ILoveGOD says:

    Thank You God for answered my prayer through Intercession of Saint Rita. But I have more wishes. Dear Saint Rita, I beggin you please grant my prayer request. I pray today please help me and my boyfriend will be together soon as possible. Saint Rita, I pray for my boyfriend that he will final his to meet me very very soon and get married to eachother and have a simple and happy life together. Saint Rita, I pray for my boyfriend ,he won’t change his for me, he will love me forever. And he will me misses me everyday. He has love in his heart for me. And me that on his mind and on his heart everday. Saint Rita, I pray for my boyfriend that he nay see the light and his heart will be opened to receiving God’s Grace. I don’t want to Loose my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend si much. And I ask God for a miracle happen. Tahnk you Saint Rita. I believe through your intercession miracles are possible. Amen.

  200. Rosey says:

    Dearest Saint Rita

    Please intercede for my uncle bennachan who’s struggling for his life. Please help him and save him. Please make all the doctors and nurses who are attending to him be angels in disguise and make him recover speedily. Please touch uncle bennachan’s whole body from head to toe with your healing touch, healing power, with your miraculous touch, miraculous power and completely, speedily make him sit up and talk to mom. Please make him condition improve for the better. Please make us receive call giving up the great news that his condition is improving. Please bless uncle bennachan with long life. Please saint rita.I’m pleading and begging you from the very bottom of my heart. Please help me in this desperate situation, Amen.

  201. Shelley says:

    I have been praying both morning and night to St. Rita to help me save my home and to forgive my ex husband for the trouble he has caused me. My home was given to me by my grandfather who was a devoted Catholic and it’s the last thing I have of him and my grandmother. So far, since praying to her, the bank has been reviewing my hardship faster than expected. I have faith in St. Rita as well as other Patrons and I believe in the power of prayer that she will guide me in the right direction.
    Jaime A.

  202. Shelley says:

    Thru the intercession of St. Rita I had my prayers answered. I prayer God for
    hearing my prayers to accomplish my sales goals. Amen
    Jenneh B

  203. Shelley says:

    Please pray that Nick will be cured on the terrible addiction to smoking and that my home will be free of the noxious smoke that had made it so uncomfortable and has made me ill. I ask that I can have God’s beautiful fresh air to breathe in my home and that it will be a place of peace and joy. St. Rita I have never made a novena to you before but I feel so discouraged about this situation. It seems impossible. How do people break such a complete addiction? How do hearts and minds change when they are so closed? I pray to you for the impossible. I do believe that nothing is impossible with God.

    So much heartache in the world even over such things that seem, on the surface, minor. St. Rita, I place my confidence in you. Please heal and help us through your prayers.

    Mary R.

  204. Shelley says:

    Please pray that my husband will come back to our family.
    That he may find the happiness, self worth and self fulfillment within the family.

    Tin R.

  205. Shelley says:

    Hi Shelley,
    My brother-in-law had his prostate removed dueto prostate cancer. His prrostate was enmeshed with his bladder so assumed cancer would not all be removed from surgery. I said a novena to Saint Rita asking she intercede so that all the cancer was removed & my brother-in-law would not need radiation or chemotherapy. Saint Rita answered my prayers and his PSA test was negative meaning his cancer was completely removed. He does not need chemothrrapy or radiation. Thank you Saint Rita for your intercesstion.
    Kate M, Framingham, MA

  206. Derek Solomon says:

    +INRI. Saint Jude Pray for us. please hear my desperate request +++

  207. Kathy says:

    Please help my son and daughter in their relationships. I pray to you daily and believe in your ability to intercede. Thank you St. Rita!

  208. dawn says:

    Please pray for my husband to find full-time work as well as my daughter who has been looking for full-time work as well but no one is calling her back. I also pray for my baby girl who struggles with mental issues. Please St. Rita I beg of you to hear my prayers and help me understand God’s answers.

  209. Jill says:

    Dearest St. Rita, Please pray for my beloved husband, for his healing from mental illness and return home in love and devotion to me and our marriage. Oh Blessed St. Rita, my patroness, protector of the hopeless, advocate of those in great need, please hear my prayer. In Jesus Name, I Pray. Amen

  210. Mary Jane says:

    Thank you St Rita for answering my petition. I will make glorify & praise your name forever.

  211. Stormy says:

    Dear St. Rita, I come before with a heavy heart. I ask that you intercede for me and that you help me restore our broken marriage. I ask that you remove all hate, resentment, grive, and that you replace it with love, forgiveness, joy, understanding, paitience,and communication. I pray that my husband forgives me for not being the wife I should havr been. I pray that he can truly see my love for him and our family . Please help him soften his heart and make him closer to our Heavenly Father. In your name and in Jesus Christ’s name I pray Amen.

  212. Lisa says:

    Thank you Saint Rita for interceding on my behalf. Less than two weeks ago my marriage seemed hopeless. My husband has been battling depression and anxiety. I started praying to St. Rita daily and things are looking better. I feel connected to my husband and he is smiling everyday. I will continue to pray to Saint Rita.

  213. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita! Closing date scheduled for Friday. Thank you for assisting and comforting us through this frustrating time!


  214. raquel says:

    for a long couple of years, i always pray to Saint Rita for her intercession.i’ll testify that with her help, God answered my prayer. i got a job as a teacher assistant and i a graduated from college.

    but for the past copule of years (2-3 years i think) i lost my novena booklet.
    good thing i saw the prayer here in the internet. Now, i am praying for her intercession so that i may be healed from tuberculosis ;'(. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray Amen.

  215. Mike says:

    Thank you St. Rita for your intersession on my behalf.

    I am grateful that you have been looking down on me and looking out for me during this time of need. I feel confident more-so on some days than others but whenever I feel less confident and reach out to you that confidence grows.

    I feel you at work and was almost unable to contain my excitement last night when my wife agreed to go to the marriage seminar that my mom suggested to me after she heard about it’s proven track record on Relevant radio!.

    Thank you to St. Jude as well for helping me out in my times of need and for, I feel, pointing me towards St. Rita in my time of need.

    Please continue to help me to remain strong and not to give in to the temptation of lies, porn and laziness.

    Thank you St. Rita

  216. Shelley says:

    I cannot articulate my prayer request regarding my civil marriage (never married in the Catholic Church). Everything about it is wrong, but I have neither the financial resources, emotional energy, nor physical energy to move out. Does God want me to stay in order to pray for my spouse or to offer up my sufferings for Him? Shame on me but I want something easy and quick regarding a resolution to this problem I created for myself. I am seeking the assistance of St. Rita for a miraculous intervention in my marriage because it is so loveless and leaving him seems so hopeless.

    I thank God for my health and my job. But I have not been blessed with a happy marriage, which is what I prayed for, for myself since I was little. My bad marriage does not compare to those who suffer physical abuse or even lesser financial resources but it is my marriage and a big negative part of my life. It causes me much stress. If anyone has known what is like to be stress out in a bad marriage it is St Rita. St Rita I pray that you will intercede for me on my behalf. Please pray for me to find the courage to leave or the courage to stay, as I do not know what God wants of me. I need to obtain this courage with no regrets regarding what I am to do, or what is asked of me. I am tired of living with regret, so afraid to make the wrong decision. I need guidance and clarity and I need it quickly as the depression I suffer from regarding this just keeps getting worse.

    Thank you Heavenly Father for all the gifts you have bestowed upon me.
    Thank you St Rita for the hope you provide as the patron saint of bad marriages and impossible situations.
    In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

    Karen B.

  217. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita! We have settled into our new home after a very long, but safe drive.


  218. Jisela says:

    Dear St Rita I pray to you today that R will contact me ASAP in Jesus’s name I pray. Amen

  219. Maire says:

    Dear St Rita I pray to you today for the financial worries I have to be settled Amen

  220. Nina says:

    Dear St Rita, thank you for praying for me and with me, thank you for your answers. You see the problem I’m having now, please, stay with me and help me with it. I love you, my sweet saint and hope to join you one day.

  221. erin says:

    I feel hopeless and have been rapidly losing faith. I have tried to build up my faith by going to Mass, by praying daily, by trying to change my outlook, by trying to let go and receive God’s will. But no matter what, I feel stuck in the same rut.

    I haven’t been to Mass in a few weeks, and I feel that it doesn’t make my life any better or worse when I do go, because I went for 7 straight Sundays this summer.

    When I don’t go to Mass, I feel as though I deserve to have a lousy week because I couldn’t even give God one hour of my time, so why should He give me anything I ask for?

    I need to ask for prayers and for resources for learning more about God’s infinite love for me, and to understand I am deserving of love, forgiveness and happiness. It is very troubling and upsetting.

  222. Shelley says:

    Please I implore prayer for the marriage of Maria and Fernando need urgent prayer their relationship is worn , desvastate!
    Thanks Maria

  223. Jessica says:

    Dear Saint Rita,
    I asked you for a miracle and you made it come true .I thank you for answering my prayers, I will
    always pray to you !!

    Jessica .J

  224. Dilip Srinivasan says:

    Dear St Rita
    I beseech you to fully restore my relationship with my wife Diana for over 15 years. Please create a space for me in Diana’s heart. I love her and would like to have a happy joyful exciting peaceful harmonious and beautiful life shared with her until my last breath… I gratefully accept this blessing St Rita…. o amazing faithful believer and follower of Jesus our Lord ! Thank you in advance mother!
    God bless, Dilip

  225. Ann says:

    I have been saying a novena to st rita. I asked for both financial blessings- we own our own business and could use a steadier flow of money. I also asked for help for my daughter’s relationship issues. She is on again – off again with the person she loves but he is confused. Toward the beginning of the novena my prayer was answered when my mother allowed us to buy her car for less than she was originally asking. On the last day of the novena my prayers were answered when my husband gained two new unexpected clients that will mean long term business. I couldn’t be more thankful to st rita. I am going to continue the novena to st Rita for my daughter and her relationship. During this novena her friend decided to take a break and they are not interacting for a month at which time they will reevaluate. I am asking st Rita’s intercession to move his heart. I am praying that this month break is positive and that they can reconcile. Thank you thank you st Rita. I have a new devotion to you.

  226. Ann says:

    Also st Rita I pray for my daughter and her relationship so that she may gain faith. I have told her that I am praying this novena and I think she is skeptical. Please see her good heart and reward her sincerity. I feel like st Rita truly understands the prayers we ask especially because of her challenging family life. St Rita please intercede for my daughter and restore her relationship

  227. Shelley says:

    Thank you St.Rita for interceding for me; not only comfort but my heart’s desire. I have been struggling for 2 years finding out what I should become and I have been applying for my dream job. Many struggles have been making me depressed lately. I prayed to St.Rita to help me and for 9 consecutive days I prayed and received an answer after a week. I believe in God’s timing and in miracles because I got my dream job after 2 years of trying. Thank you God!

    To the one reading this, do not doubt the power of prayer.

    Gel Y.

  228. Shelley says:

    i am starting this Novena. to thank God for the renewal of my faith. i
    had spent close to 10years out of touch with my faith.
    i pray for my husband, i havent seen him in more than one year. he is
    in a foreign country. he tells me to move on. i have been putting
    matters into my own incapable hands, only causing stress, pain. i have
    insulted his girlfriend, and her family… which has resulted in
    trouble at work for him. i love my husband.i pray that, through the
    intercession of St Rita, my husband comes home to me, his children and
    family. and that he doesnt lose his job because of my doing.

    Yours in Christ


    i also pray that my husband, Lloyd, be converted to the one Holy
    Catholic Church. I ask all this of you that you intercede for me..for
    the ultimate praise and glory of God the Father, God the Son and the
    Holy Spirit

  229. Shelley says:

    Hi! I just wanted to share my story when I did a novena for St. Rita.

    My best friend and I had a big fight because she thought that I had betrayed her, and had intentionally hurt her in a way that was very personal to her. Although I had not meant to hurt her in that way, she did’nt want to hear any of my apologies. I thought that I lost my best friend and that she would never forgive me. I prayed to St. Rita in using her nine day novena, asking for forgiveness and the healing of my friend and I’s relationship. On the seventh day we were reconciled and the fight actually brought her and I closer. I guess what I wanted to share with my story is that, St. Rita does not only intercede for physical healing, but also mental and spiritual healing.

    Thank you God bless!

  230. Ssali Francis says:

    I prayed an unending novena of St.Ritah for aperiod of over 3 months…as i prayed for a miracle of a job..But God blessed me with over 3 options of jobs..plus a number of interview options..
    All possible thru intercesion of St. Ritah

  231. Rosa says:

    I pray that many students will be registered for my classes so I will have jobs. Thank you.

  232. Michelle says:

    I posted a prayer request on another site; that I cant find. Thank you St. Rita for prayers answered. Please continue to help my mother recover from her illness and help my family. Thank you St. Rita for your kindness and help today!

  233. Christopher Lopez says:

    Oh sweet St. Rita, thank you so very much for interceding for me before God for the prompt reconciliation of me and my friend Jordan, a girl I hold so dearly in my heart. Thanks to you, Jordan actually responded to my text last Tuesday and said that she was not angry and that everything was fine. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for being there for me as I so desperately sought comfort and hope. Bless you sweet Saint forever and ever.

  234. Christopher Lopez says:

    St. Rita, thank you oh sweet saint for helping make Jordan reply to my text. Although she replied only with a smile, it is something, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your holy intercession. Thank you St. Rita. Thank you for remembering me in my hour of suffering. Bless you forever and ever. Amen.

  235. nelson sinkala says:

    other doors opened for me after the novena for a job reinstatement

  236. Shelley says:

    St. Rita was introduced to me by my mother-in-law. I began a Novena with St. Rita well into a 6 month job interview my husband was on. We were not getting any answers. This company took a while to communicate. We would go weeks & not know whether he was still a candidate or if the search was over & they found someone else. We were hopeless. I began this Novena & St. Rita responded after the first day. My husband got the job. I finished the Novena & will always be grateful to St. Rita in helping our prayers be answered. I know I will call on her again & again.
    God bless!

  237. Shelley says:

    Dearest Saint Anthony Performer of Miracles, Dear Saint Rita intercessor for the impossible situations, Dear Saint Jude for hopeless cases, Saint Stephen, Saint Anne, Saint Elizabeth, Divine Infant of Prague, Saint Therese, Saint Padre Pio, who was always there to intercede during confessions, and Blessed Mother Mary Undoer of Knots, please untangle these knots in my life and continue to hear my prayers and intercede to stop the investigation. I need a miracle. I am so sorry for past poor judgement and have learned a lesson and already have paid dearly for my mistake. I promise to forever venerate you and promote your names and causes, as I have been for years. You have always been there for me. I believe that you still are. I need your prayers and intercession now more than ever as this is the most serious and frightening situation I ever had. Have the investigation discontinued. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Also God, Bless Pope Francis and thank you for keeping him safe during his visit to the USA. Amen


  238. Uma says:

    Thank you St. Rita for listening to my petition. I have faith that my prayer will be answered with your intercession in accordance to God’s will.

  239. AB says:

    Glorious St.Rita,

    Thank you so much for helping me, which was really miraculous and please help me to resolve my issue completely. Amen

    Thank you once again St. Rita for your kindness and support!

  240. Elizabeth says:

    I have been saying a continuous novena to st rita for the last two months. Over this time she has blessed my family with new clients and hope for our future economic situation. She has also moved the heart of my daughters ex boyfriend. They are not back together yet, but 2 months ago it truly looked like an impossible situation and like they would never speak again. There is progress being made and I thank her for that. I pray for her continued intercession and that she completely restore their relationship. every time after I say the prayer there is something that happens, like a sign from God that she is listening- like a phone call from someone or an interaction that I never thought would happen. Thank you st rita. I pray for your continued intercession. I will always have a devotion to you.

  241. Darlene says:

    Please help us pray for Dennis our son in law who has Mental Illness and for daughter who’s been praying for his return home. Thank You and God Bless

  242. Sun says:

    Dear Saint Rita, thank you for always hearing my prayers and for faithfully helping my prayer get answered! You truly are the Saint of the Impossible!

  243. amanda says:

    Intentions: Cian, rose, annmarie’sd, mary, kathleen’s son, angela, cecilia, kelly, lily, angela, claudia, mary, helena, michelle, souls, 33 year old man, kevin, charelene, clancy’s, geraldine-home, brian, patrick, marion, sean, annie dempsey, dayna kearney, emma kelly, trevor cutler, annette, dean, sean and lisa and baby, killian, baby flynn, sharon-business, eileen, mam, dad, husband, tommy, mary, claire, souls, friend, teresa, berandette’s twin, doreen’s sis, silent members, helena and fam, monica and fam, peggy sue, ger’s friend and parents, oonagh and daughter, 10 souls, 2 souls, michael, margarets brother and friend, daughter, nathan, paul and ben, melissa, gloria and family, margaret’s son, mary b, mary luke, sylvia, steven, marie s, seans leg, michelle and mum, mary, ann maria, joanne, curran family, brandyn. claudia, ciara, michael, mairead, thanksgiving for all the graces we receive!

  244. Shelley says:

    hello madam,
    i have a testimony about the wonderful st.Rita, in may i ordered my tv through one of my classmates, he claimed that his family members lived in one of the neighbouring countries,so i knew it would surely be quick to get it here, but later told me he was ordering it from dubai,then around idd time,his sister from dubai returned home without it,ffrom then i got all sorts of stories, but i certainly knew i was never to get that tv or even the money refund, then after like 2 months, my friend sent me a picture of st.rita with a prayer but he also didnt know much about her..i also dint take it serious, later i said letme try my luck with st.Rita’s prayer, i prayed with utmost belief that my tv was coming home,and i asked that God gives me a testimony through that tv..on 7th oct.i received a message that i shoud go and pick my tv, i knew these people had plotted to kill me, but i picked it and its ok..my impossibility became possible

    then i also ask st.Rita to intercede for me to the almighty father to get a job that i sat an interview for in railways, i really believe this job is mine.

    thank you st.Rita, please keep with me in prayer, and may all know yo good works on your people.


  245. Bernadette says:

    Dear St. Rita, once again I’m asking for your intercession for my family, friends, etc. Many sad and negative things are happening within my close circle of both friends and family, I pray for your intercession and for circumstances to improve. I also pray for people close to me to come back to the Church and obtain salvation of their souls.


  246. Pam says:

    My son has a chronic skin disease with severe problems every few months. I prayed a novena to St. Rita that she would heal his skin problem and within 9 days, he was able to walk again and his skin is just slightly pink, no longer bleeding. He also has been unable to find a job and I am now asking St. Rita for her help in this also.

  247. Grace Evangelista says:

    Prayer Request to St. Rita:

    Dear St. Rita,

    My husband is in urgent need of your help …of your MIRACLES. He’s currently in distress & extreme anxiety brought about by 3 critical problems happening all at the same time. Please, please, please have PITY on him & his/our family by granting him your most immediate miracles on the ff:

    1) He’s at the brink of losing his job due to economic conditions. Many have been laid off & the downsizing is still ongoing. His manager might break to him such bad news this coming Friday. Please save him from losing his job. Please ask the Sacred Heart of Jesus to grant this favor for your sake & for the sake of His Most Holy Name, JESUS. Please grant him complete healing from this bondage …the pattern of losing his job. He has always been a victim of this job insecurity, of the pink slips from 3 employers since 2010.

    2) He just received a bad news that his mother’s health is in decline. She’s in bad shape, can no longer speak or see & maybe at the point of death. Will you please grant her the miracle of complete healing, restoring her health, and extending her life to at least 3 more years?

    3) I humbly beg you, dear St. Rita, to grant us also the miracle of some financial assistance to pay off all our debts; to be able to acquire a house & lot at UBC, Vancouver; finances to put up some investment for future stability & financial independence; & the finances we need for the family’s expenses to travel & visit the terminally-ill mother in the Philippines.

    Please, St. Rita, you are our last recourse …our last ray of hope for you are the Patron Saint of the Impossible & Hopeless Cases, so generous in performing miracles. Through you, we hope for GOD’s MERCY & COMPASSION, and thus we will be consoled & comforted in HIS gifts. Thank you so much, please make a way for our hearts’ desires. Again I plead to please ask the Sacred Heart of Jesus to grant this favor for your sake & for the sake of His Most Holy Name, JESUS.

  248. Mela says:

    Dear St Rita

    I pray for your intercession that my husband and I will be financially blessed and stable enough before this year ends. May we find prosperity and success to any business endeavor we wish to build. As a family, we hope that we could buy our own house and lot where we can build our future together with our son.

    May you grant us our wish to have two-prime spaces (with two sides open) for our coming christmas store. We hope that you will pour us bountiful sales this coming holiday season more than enough to buy our own house and lot.

    I pray that all our businesses will last enough so we can pass it on to our son.

    I pray that my brother will end his watch business to stop arguments with my husband.

    I also pray that my husband will stop abusing me and my son verbally.

    I pray that i will be financially independent.

    I pray to protect our business MMC, CLM, WRCM from competitors who wish to imitate us and wants to put us down.

    I pray that my husband and I will no longer have arguments with the members of my family.

    Always keep my husband, son, mother, father, siblings in good health.

    You have been continuosly answer all my request and i praise and thank you for everything that you and the Lord have given me. Praise to you my Lord and St Rita!

  249. Pam says:

    After a second 9 day novena to St Rita, I am so grateful to report that my son has found a temporary job. Please St Rita continue to help him find a permanent job as quickly as possible.
    Thank you St. Rita.

  250. Kim says:

    Blessings to St Rita, Advocate of the impossible! We want to thank her for her prayers and intercessions in helping us be blessed with moving back to our beloved Colorado! My husband was blessed with a transfer after I prayed St Rita’s Novena for the past 3 months! We have been truly blessed by Jesus and His divine mercy towards us, and we will forever be grateful!

  251. Sabrina says:

    Thank you, St. Rita! I prayed that my grandfather, who had led an outwardly sinful life and was on his deathbed, would make a full and contrite confession before his passing. Literally seconds after my prayer was said, I learned that a priest had just visited my grandfather in the hospital. He died the next day.

    Thank you God! Thank you St. Rita!

  252. Sally says:

    Prayers requested through the intercession of St Rita for all my intentions, especially for very challenging family situations. Thank you !

  253. Marcell says:

    Please help with my finances so there are no more struggles for me. Teach my children to be respectful and appreciative for all things. Please try to make this world a better and safer place for humanity, and to touch all human hearts to be more compassionate.

  254. Daniel says:

    Hello. I ask for urgent intercession that the Lord quickly provide funds for rent, utilities, urgent car repairs and food. We are in this situation due to long term underemployment and inherited debt.Our faith is wavering. May the Lord show Himself strong and present in this circumstances.

    Thank you very much


  255. Camilla says:

    I was encouraged to learn about Saint Rita after telling my sad story. In a heavy predicament with child custody and up against my wealthy ex who had little to do with his children previously, suddenly wanted custody. I prayed a novena to Saint Rita, feeling a sense of peace. The morning after I finished the novena I awoke to a pink rose on my bedside table. I investigated but concluded how it got there would be impossible without Heavenly hands. I still have it now, it appears to have come from my garden. After another novena to Our Lady and Saint Michael, custody battle was dropped. I prayed also to swap crosses, trading in my ex husbands volatile intermidations for a poverty. He ended contact voluntarily and stopped paying child support. We are broke for the next little while until my new cross eventuates. I already know what it is through consolation.
    I said another novena to Saint Rita for good results in study. On the 9th day coupled with a novena and incidentally also on my birthday I received impossibly good news regarding my results.
    Ive been betrayed recently so I intend to say another novena to overturn it. Thank you Saint Rita.

  256. Sylvia says:

    Dear St Rita,

    I need to move out by Friday. You know my situation. Please, ask Jesus to bless me wit a miraculous solution.
    Thank You.


  257. Gg says:

    St. Rita i am just from the Embassy to apply for my Visa to Paris. I will be going back on Friday to collect the results. St Rita intercede for me and have a word with the officials to grant me the Visa. Amen as i claim for good results in Jesus Name.

  258. Happy says:

    Thank you St Rita for your urgent intercession my husband and I will be forever grateful to you. We were able to honor our debt (which was really impossible to pay as it was thousands of Rands) and manage to save the relationship with our family member. In less than nine days of praying the Novena our prayers were answered.Praise and Glory to you forever Saint Rita Patron of the Impossible!!

    I pray that you may intercede for all that implore your help.

    Thank you God!!

  259. Sylvia says:

    Dear Rita,

    Please, grant me a miracle in regards to the house situation.. You know my situation and all the details. Yesterday I finished the 9 day novenna to St Rita. I am still praying today. I need a miracle now as I am moving out tomorrow, out of the present place.
    Thank You in advance St Rita. You said that ” with God everything is possible”. I am holding onto this Truth. I affirm that with God everything is possible.
    Thank You

  260. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita for your intercession. House sold, thank you!


  261. Shelley says:

    I am praying for success in my up coming exams(Jamb). I pray that St.Rita will help me get the score of 315. I strongly believe in her deeds! St.Rita has been soo merciful to me! I have hope she won’t turn me down. St.Rita…….Pray For Us

    Lawrence B.

  262. Shelley says:

    Dear Saint Rita

    Please I ask of you that my medical tests which I am due to have very soon will come back clear. I know with your intercession they will, and I look forward to returning to Cascia again very soon in thanksgiving.

    Your loving servant


  263. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita for prayers answered. Got the job I wanted. Thank you!


  264. anon says:

    Please pray Robert will return to the children & I urgently Please pray Our Lady will intercede for us & ask God to help robert just as He encouraged st joseph to return to Her arms Mother mary & st rita please intercede for us urgently

  265. Anne says:

    I would just like to thank St. Rita for helping me out. I have often asked other saints to intercede on my behalf (usually St. Pio and St. Philomena), and they have been very helpful. However, I learned that St. Rita was the patroness of unhappy/broken/troubled marriages, so after a serious argument with my partner, I decided to try approaching St. Rita as well. We’re just in the relationship stage and are not yet married, but I trusted that St. Rita would still help us somehow.

    I prayed that this would not mark the end of our relationship, and that, if we could reconcile, we could go forward by constantly improving and not succumbing to negative thoughts and emotions. We are still together, and although – may God, St. Rita and the other saints forgive me for this – I have succumbed to some negative thoughts since then, I think I feel a lot calmer these days, and less prone to anger, jealousy, or other irrational thoughts.

    St. Rita has definitely helped me my partner and me stay together, and I trust that she can also help us strengthen our relationship. I hope and pray that it will lead to marriage, and that she can continue to watch over us if/when that happens. (Just to clarify: I don’t want to make the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Pio, St. Philomena, and the Holy Souls upset; I know that they helped me, too, and I would like to say that I am grateful to them, as well. I am focusing on St. Rita here because, for one, this is a website devoted to St. Rita, and, as the newest saint I have approached, I don’t think I’ve properly thanked her yet.)

    Anyway, I encourage people to approach St. Rita, as she is, indeed, someone who can help you in your time of need, no matter how impossible your request may seem.

  266. MRD says:

    Please most holy St Rita patroness of impossible cases, I place my trust in you together with the Sacred Heard of Jesus and St Jude Thaddeus that you will grant me my request. I love you and praise your life of virtue and hardship. Thank you, St Rita for interceding on my behalf.

  267. Shelley says:

    Your urgent prays are required for me and my family,My Dad Valerian expired on 1st March 1996,My Mom Benedicta is suffering from diabetes,depression and cholestrol,She as taken tension of my marriage.

    I am B.com Graduate of 36years old,Being Poor not getting girl for marriage,It’s my desire to get married and be blessed with kids,When Mom Benedicta is alive.

    My Younger brother Prakash is handicapped,Please pray for our jobs,Good Health,Peace and Prosperity,Please can you send me a pen Please.

    Thanking You,
    Your’s Sincerely,
    Vinod D.

  268. Shelley says:

    My prayers to St. Rita have been answered and my son has been saved. I felt a very strong connection to St Rita when saying her rosary. Praise The Lord!!

  269. Grace says:

    Thank you so much St. Ritah for hearing my cry and answering my prayers. Forever grateful.
    Thank you God.

  270. Lisa says:

    St. Rita has answered my prayers for employment for myself and possible employment for my husband. More importantly I am seeing some improvement in his depression and some hope for the future. Thank you Saint Rita for helping me when I felt hopeless.

  271. Rosemond Dankwah says:

    A husband, pass exams, fevour,strength to look after four children, my first son darren documentation and love,wisdom,passing my drivers licence

  272. Hilary says:

    Dear St Rita, You know ive had the worst year of my 29years on this earth filled with 11months of sickness, marriage dissappointment and rejection, failure in my two GMAT exams, lost a new job opportunity, lost 4 Masters admissions in the US/Canada after spending a lot money to secure them, i narrowly escaped a plane crash in Sept. I didnt loose hope. I commenced a 40days 6am to 6pm fast which ended Dec 10th, on the 25th day of my fast, my uncle who has been sick and who I had been praying for passed on. And immediately after my fasting, I suddenly developed Trigeminal Neuralgia which is a painful disease of the facial artery. I still will not loose hope!

    St Rita, you are my hope. Kindly intercede for me. Even when things still dont work out for me, i promise not to loose hope in God.

    I pray to meet my husband before this year ends. A man who will wipe away my tears and love me and take care of me. I pray that our hearts will connect and he be everytin ive wished for in a man.

    I pray to get a mouth watery job this year 2015. My current job is hell.

    I pray for divine healing of my facial pains this year 2015.

    I pray that my financial situation will be better so that I can help to bury my uncle in january 2016 and support his wife and only child and help struggling families.

    I pray that I will never loose faith and hope in God. That i will carry my burdens with a genuine smile on my face.

    I will commence a 9days novena to St Rita today for my intentions. Dear Saint of the Impossible, please intercede for your daughter. I have suffered a great deal this year. Help.

    I promise to publish my testimonies.

  273. Peter says:

    I have seriously betrayed and hurt my wife and I marriage is in serious difficulty and I need your prayers and support to save our relationship. This is totally my fault and I am so very sorry for the pain that I have caused my wife and the sin I have committed against my beloved lord. Saint Rita your marriage survived infidelity and you found forgiveness in your heart please interceded for me and help and support my wife at this very challenging time. I want to save my marriage and will do whatever is need to achieve that but my belief is that a miricle is needed and that you are my only hope

  274. Mary says:

    Loving St Rita saint of impossible I beg you to hear my petition for the restoration to full health
    Of my two arthritic knees and my right hip help me to walk without pain or stiffness or my crutches
    St Rita help me to go off all medication
    St Rita saint of impossible I know you will hear my impossible health petition for me
    St Rita I thank you and I love thee with all my heart

  275. liana alonge says:

    saint rita saint of the impossible, please please please help. please pray for to buy a house on lauricella lane waltham ma. thank you so much God bless.

  276. lilian says:

    Thank you my patroness st rita for the answered prayers …its a nine day of my novenas and you haveaalready started answering what I wanted to obtain I love you soo much and thank you again

  277. Shelley says:

    I have recently discovered St. Rita. I am in desperate need of my long & on-going favor/prayer/intercession. I am at my wits end.
    Please I ask St. Rita to help me finally be in a long term romantic commitment relationship that leads to marriage & trying to have a baby of my own by 2015-2016. I have found someone that I can see being with forever. His name is Eric. I beg & plead for this favor to finally be granted. I don’t know how much more heartbreak & hurt I can take. Time is not on my side as I am of mature age. I have never been married. I am begging St. Rita to grant me this favor with Eric. I have made a promise to St. Rita once my favor is granted. St.Rita is the saint of the impossible, please help me.

  278. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita, You know ive had the worst year of my 29years on this earth filled with 11months of sickness, marriage dissappointment and rejection, failure in my two GMAT exams, lost a new job opportunity, lost 4 Masters admissions in the US/Canada after spending a lot of money to secure them, i narrowly escaped a plane crash in Sept while flying from Toronto to Chicago. I didnt loose hope.
    I commenced a 40days 6am to 6pm fast which ended Dec 10th, on the 25th day of my fast, my uncle who has been sick and who I had been praying for passed on. And immediately after my fasting, I suddenly developed Trigeminal Neuralgia which is a painful disease of the facial artery. I still will not loose hope!
    St Rita, you are my hope. Kindly intercede for me. Even when things still dont work out for me, i promise not to loose hope in God.
    I pray to meet my husband before this year 2015 ends. A man who will wipe away my tears and love me and take care of me. I pray that our hearts will connect and he be everytin ive wished for in a man.
    I pray to get a mouth watery job this year 2015. My current job is hell.
    I pray for divine healing of my facial pains this year 2015.
    I pray that my financial situation will be better so that I can help to bury my uncle in january 2016 and support his wife and only child and help struggling families.
    I pray that I will never loose faith and hope in God. That i will carry my burdens with a genuine smile on my face.
    I will commence a daily continuous prayer to St Rita for my intentions. Dear Saint of the Impossible, Saint of the sick and lonely, please please please I beg you to intercede for me.
    I have suffered a great deal this year, please dont allow me die. Help.
    I promise to publish my testimonies.


    • Shelley says:

      My prayer request on this forum is Hilary Dec 13, 2015 and it was reposted by Shelley on Dec 24, 2015 by 4:18pm.

      I commenced a 9days novena on Dec 14th for my intentions. The moment i started the novena, my 11months neuralgia pain became worse. I couldnt place my head on a pillow to sleep. By Dec 20th, I was sure that I wasnt going to survive the pain.

      On the last day of my novena (Dec 22nd), I surprisingly woke up hale and hearty. All the pains were gone. I dont know how this happened. I wasnt able to chew gum for months due to this pain, so I bought Gum and chewed it for 3hours, the pain did not come back. I am typing this and crying because only God knew how much pain I had experienced in 11 months.

      This is the text message i have been sending out to my friends and family;

      “Ive been healed completely of that Neuralgia pain. God surprised me through St Rita”s feverent intercession. If this is the only miracle I have this year, it is enof. Lets pray feverently thru St Rita, she is truly d saint of d impossible. An 11months illhealth was cured via a 9days Novena. I thank GOD!”

      Thank You St Rita. Thank You God!

      Please publish this, we need to spread the word about St Rita.

  279. Shelley says:

    I have gone through a rough breakup and ask for St Rita’s assistance to grant me my prayer request and rekindle my relationship with my ex boyfriend edwin soon. Give him the courage to contact me so we can slowly work on rebuilding our love and trust for one another over these holidays. I know she won’t let me down. And so I highly encourage devotion to thee:
    O glorious St. Rita, your pleadings before the divine crucifix have been known to grant favors that many would call the impossible. Lovely St. Rita, so humble, so pure, so devoted in your love for thy crucified Jesus, speak on my behalf for my petition which seems so impossible from my humbled position. ( Here mention your request ). Be propitious, O glorious St. Rita, to my petition, showing thy power with God on behalf of thy supplicant. Be lavish to me, as thou has been in so many wonderful cases for the greater glory of God. I promise, dear St. Rita, if my petition is granted, to glorify thee, by making known thy favor, to bless and sing thy praises forever. Relying then upon thy merits and power before the Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray. Amen.


  280. Shelley says:

    Thank you Saint Rita for prayers answered, we have a closing date! Your intercession is so much appreciated!


  281. Shelley says:

    St. Rita I come to you seeking my impossible prayer/favor/intercess to be granted. You know me & how I feel.

    Please help me to finally begin a serious romantic relationship with Eric that leads to marriage & trying for a child of my own in 2015- 2016. I am in my 40 ‘ s & have never been married. I have been handed so much heart ache in this aspect of my life. I can’t take much more of this loneliness. I so desperately want this. I have found Eric and I can see forever with him. Please help me with him and attaining my happiness.

    I am a dutiful daughter & a good person. I have always lived my life well. Once my favor is granted. I promise to publish my story & encourage devotion to St. Rita. I will do anything to attain this happiness. Please I beg grant this favor of mine. I have also made a promise to St. Rita when this is granted that I will gladly uphold.

    Thank you,


  282. Shelley says:

    I have completed my 9 Day Novena & received some positive new today. I thank St. Rita for the hope she provided. I’m still waiting for the rest of my prayer/intercession to be granted. I just wanted to thank St. Rita & let her know I appreciate her assistance.

    I still desperately want to begin a serious romantic relationship with Eric in 2015-2016 that leads to marriage & trying for a child in 2016. Please continue to hear my prayers & grant them.

    Thank you,


  283. Hellen says:

    Please st. Rita pray for me am a cancer petient and I had just got married newly to my husband and I have no child yet please bless me with one pray for me that I get healed completely and pray that my husband my not leave me due to all those condition am in pray that he may be blessed with a good job and financial breakthrough let him come home and stay with me I pray let him overcome all the temptations pray for others in here too amen

  284. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my 19 year old daughter that she not be sexual immoral or engage in any type of sexual behaviors, actions or activity no matter how alight and keep her away from those promoting this within her. Keep her away from drinking alcohol and taking drugs and those who may influence her to do so. Pray that she will have good, moral friends that will encourage her to make Christ-like decisions. I know that she is searching for love….so pray that BV, a decent Catholic boy will be in her life as her boyfriend so that she can experience a loving. chaste, respectful relationship and not gravitate into an immoral one. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer!

  285. AB says:

    Glorious St. Rita, thank you so much for hearing me and helping me.

    O powerful St.Rita, rightly called the Saint of impossible, please hear my prayer and come to my help, please rekindle our relationship with Stephen, help us reconcile and reunite. Amen

    I promise you to use this favor when granted to better my life, to proclaim God’s mercy and to help others in need in your honor.

  286. Mark says:

    I want something so desperately. I’m at the end of my rope. I hate being toyed with. All I want is for a desire of my heart to be granted. I don’t see anyone caring about it- God, Mary, whoever. I’m done.

  287. Yvette says:

    Please pray that Sebastian and Bella’s relationship would grow in love, wisdom and understanding according to God’s will. May the Lord’s peace and joy radiate in their hearts and minds.

  288. Renee says:

    I came upon your website to share my story. I have been wanting to go back to work as a dialysis nurse but unfortunately hospitals here in Vancouver, BC would want someone who hasn’t been away from that practice for awhile. Opportunity came where a hospital would pay for an education program to be a dialysis nurse and work for them after the program, so I applied for this job. I prayed the novena to St Rita that I may be given this opportunity. Praise God and St Rita, I got an email last Jan 8 that I have a phone interview for this! I am still praying that everything would go on smoothly after my interview and I would really be one of the successful candidates.

    After the phone interview, I got a call to do more pre screening
    process- written exam then an interview with the manager and educator.

    Finally, on the Jan 18, I received a call that I was one of the successful applicants. I will be starting my program in April.

    Thank you St Rita!
    To God be the glory!


  289. Marjan says:

    Pray for my brother Hossein Shahkarami, born Sept 8, to regain consciousness after collapsing at end of a marathon and suffering brain damage on Oct 18, 2015. May he be healed body mind and soul. For the sake of his two little daughters, Ava and Leah. Please God grant him second chance to praise and glorify you in life alongside his family. Amen

  290. Jessica says:

    Saint Rita pray for my marriage. Infidelity has caused great pain and sorrow. Please pray that my spouse can finally see what he has done is wrong and hurtful. That we can work through this time in faith and learn to love and trust again.

  291. Tina says:

    I prayed to St. Rita the day before my boyfriends court day asking her to intercede for us so that my boyfriends case will be dismissed immediately. The next day my boyfriend told me the judge dismissed the case really quickly and I was so happy I know St. Rita has again interceded for us. Pray to St. Rita she will intercede for you. Thank you St. Rita for interceding on my behalf.

  292. Pressy says:

    Dear St. Rita Please open many doors of employment for my son Lawrence.he was terminated today.
    Please help him find a suitable job that he can be happy with,that he can help the community and the poorest among the poor.Please expedite our loan here in our town.Please intercede me and my family to all difficult challenges and impossible situations.
    St.Rita please make possible for me and Lawrence to visit You again and to see You and to thank You. Amen

  293. Maria El Hage says:

    Bonsoir c’est Maria
    la première communion de ma fille heureusement est le 22 mai 2016 si je voudrais ordonné l’huile de Sainte Rita et des chapelets est-ce qu’il y a une possibilité de les envoyer au Liban ? Si c’est possible je voudrais avoir une réponse le plutôt possible s’il vous plaît.

  294. Alina says:

    St. Rita Pray for my husband. Please clear his mind and heart of everything that is keeping him away from his children and me. Please bring him back to our home and our family. Please help us put our family back together and start building a more solid, love and peace filled home. I ask you St. Rita for this miracle through Christ our Lord.

  295. Rita says:

    Thank you St. Rita for everything you have done for me. Last year, I traveled successfully despite worrying about my water damaged passport. Through the intercession of St. Rita, I also managed to pass my terrifying exams. I pray for my special intention.

  296. Dina says:

    Pray that my husband leaves his girlfriend and stops this divorce

  297. Dina says:

    Pray for my marriage. Help my husband to come back and try and make our marriage work. Soften his heart, have him be reminded on how we were, let me leave his girlfriend and stop this divorce.

  298. rak says:

    i pray to u to bring my ex back to me.he is engaged now and we have broke up 7 months before.pleasebring him back to me and marry me and love me.please st rita you are my last hope

  299. stephanie says:

    Thank you St. Rita, for your intercessions and for hearing my petitions. I am not sure how desperate my cause is, but I am desperate inside. Please continue to pray for me and know that I am thankful. I ask God to help me find a way to show my gratitude. I trust in you, all the other saints, and especially The Virgin Mary for all your prayers.

  300. Shelley says:

    Oh thank you St.Rita for helping me pass my test.

  301. Shelley says:

    I am struggling with my relationship with my husband. I have never been a good wife to him. Instead of keeping silent or mum while he is furious, i would deal with it to. When he wants to do these things, i will do otherwise.
    Now he wants to part ways. The hard thing is i am 6 weeks pregnant. I want to keep our marriage for the baby, i will go counseling today and i believe this will help me.

    Help me pray for the intercession of St Rita that our marriage be protected.

    Thank you


  302. Shelley says:

    Dear St. Rita, I just wanted to say Thank You for all your many kindnesses you have given to me and my family. I also ask and pray for continued guidance, strength, and support for Melinda, my mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia. Please calm her mind and give her comfort so that she does not get so agitated. I also pray for all those suffering from this dreaded disease and for their families. Give them all strength, patience, and perseverance. Thank you St. Rita. Thank you Jesus. All glory and honor be Yours Almighty God forever and may we always be resigned to Your Holy Will. Amen.


  303. Shelley says:

    Please pray for the souls of Nedime and all her deceased children and grand children and parents and brothers and sisters and all her dear relatives and ancestors and bloodlines and for the souls of Zeynep, Cahit, Emmun,Zekiye, Cemile, Semra, Huseyins, Sekip, Ali, Alo, Nedim, Serife, Sedat, all aborted babies and all unborn babibes and souls of Nesim, Server, Salih A, Salih M., Serif Elia, Ahmet E., Nedim, Semire, Hasan, all those I ought to pray for. In the Name of Jesus. God Bless. M. Mary

    Please pray for conversion, forgiveness, baptism, healing, long life and salvation of Mufide Mary, Mehmet, Fevziye, Ali, Tahsin, Serif, Faruk, Ismail, Irfan, and all the children of the family and all dear ones and for the soul of my mother Nedime and all her dear ones and Basar E and alawies. Please I am a convert and I want to serve and warship Jesus with my family. My mother was killed and my other family were threathened, because of my conversion and I must win the war for Christ against his enemies.In the Name of Jesus. God Bless. M. Mary

  304. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita,
    It seems impossible because Im sick and I have to prepare for a job interview on Friday. And I desperately need this job. Please sort me out and grant me the job if it be the Will of God.

    I am suffering in pain, please heal my heart and body. Give me my dream Man to love me dearly. Pls St Rita, help me, pray for me, intercede for me, you can see my terrible situation. What can be worse?*Tears*

  305. Shelley says:

    Thank you St Rita for all you’ve done for me and my family and for favours granted. Please help my brother who is going through a difficult period in his life. Help him to get a job and to see his way through life’s challenges.

  306. Shelley says:

    Please, please pray that Mr Amay change his mind and say yes to get marry to Miss Preeti B. Specially his parents may allow Mr A to marry miss Preeti B.
    I kindly request u to pray for me to get Deliverance from evil temptation, fear and doubting own self

  307. G.J says:

    Dear St Rita,
    Please help restore my friendship with R. and I pray tonight especially that he calls before leaving for his trip. Thank you. In Jesus’s name Amen.

  308. This blog is written in loving memory of my mother Patricia D’Amico and to honor my father Francis D’Amico. With wonder and awe. Gratitude and Love. http://maryanndamico.blogspot.com/2016/03/the-jewels-of-saint-rita-of-cascia-in.html
    Invitation to all.

  309. Dearest Helpers of Me, Thank you for the Novena To St. Rita of Cascia; This is day # 1; and I am confident that my request is being heard. I want to thank you for your website. I will continue my prayers throughout the week.
    The Pastor of our parish has some serious health issues and has asked us to pray. Pray for us St. Rita, pray for us today, pray now and always for us who love you. That is part of a song we sing in May for our St. Rita of Cascia Tridium.
    Sincerely with love, Robert

  310. Jenny Lin says:

    Thank you St. Rita for interceding my prayer for my marriage with my husband. May you continue you to guide us through so that we may continue to be together in the eyes of the lord. I will continue to pray till it’s all clear for us both. Please continue to help us. Thank you.

  311. Shelley says:

    My name’s are Margaret Chioma Mbah, I find myself doing things that are not pleasing God and humanity job that is not good for any person. I don’t have a good rest of mind and body. With a heart full with anxiety, cry and pain I am writing to any that read or wish to help me financially I am pleading to the society of Saint Rita of help on this I need a financial Help to start a good Buiness that will help me stop every bad thing I am doing . Please I seriously need people help I am pleading in the name of our lord Jesus Christ

  312. Shelley says:

    Please pray for me Mufide Mary R and family for God’s will.

    God bless you,

    Mary M

  313. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita of Cascia,
    I implore your intercession that I be totally healed of my lung problem. I have bronchiectasis and this has resulted to my thick mucus and also coughing out small clots which I haven’t had in 6 months. I have been experiencing chest discomfort, throat irritation too. Please whisper into the holy ears of Our Lord Jesus Christ that all these shall be healed. I pray that my lungs function well as they used to so that I could serve the Lord for the rest of my life.
    Thank you St Rita. I know that my urgent request be granted.

    Ma Lilibeth R

  314. Shelley says:

    My Prayer request is for my divorce procedure be finished this month and God protect me and favor me so that I come out victorious.
    Thank you,


  315. Shelley says:

    Here is a remarkable story that St Rita granted. Years ago, about 9, my sister was having trouble with her

    25 yr. old son. A big mess in a family uproar. He had no direction and was lost, moved out of state, depressed.

    I told my sister to pray to St Rita and she did.

    She prayed to St Rita for guidance for her son. Well about 6 months later he moved back home, got a job,

    Met a girl, got married, has 3 children, became very religious and this is all because of St Rita’s blessing. I always

    Think of ST Rita and what she did for him, she is truly remarkable. And he is doing to this day wonderful.

    I ask for her guidance daily for my kids and myself.

  316. Shelley says:

    Please, please pray that Mr Advin may change his mind and say yes to get marry to Miss Preeti Barreto. Specially his parents may allow Mr Advin to marry miss Preeti Barreto.
    I kindly request u to pray for me to get Deliverance from evil temptation, fear and doubting own self

  317. Shelley says:


    I have going through some hard psychological and spiritual trials I just don’t know what to do.
    Somehow St. Rita came to mind and I started the novena prayers.

    I am glad to say that mama St. Rita as I call her answered what seems so impossible to me.

    Her intercession has come to pass again.
    Included in the novena was also the alleviation of the pain I suffered in my stomach.
    This has been answered as well.

    Thank you so much St. Rita. I wish someday I will be able to visit your shrine in Italy.


    PS. Thank you so much for putting this site up. God bless you.

  318. Shelley says:

    Please pray for my fiance Patrick who has a terrible addiction to prescription painkillers. After rehab and a necessary surgery, he has sadly relapsed again and I am very afraid that he will never get sober, lose his life to this and will never know God’s love for him. Please pray for his miraculous healing from addiction and for his conversion, and for God’s will to be done in our relationship. I am also praying to discern God’s will for our engagement. Thank you so much.

  319. Janet says:

    Thank you St.Jude for working out miracles in my life. Today is the fourth day of my novena and I see positive results. Many thanks St. Jude. You are really a power patron and saint of impossible causes. Please bless me abundontly with your miraclous power.I still need your blessings. I will definitely spread your name among the people whom I know.

  320. Janet says:

    St. Rita I have never prayed to you before but after hearing so many testimonies and the way you led your life and became a saint an really impressed. I dono if u are heading my prayers are not but I have a strong hope that you will definitely intercede with our lord Jesus Christ and hear my prayer. I already see positive things happening on my 4th day of novena. I really wanted to thank St. Rita while heartedly.I have hope that i will definitely come after my 9days of novena to say a big thanks to st.Rita n lord Jesus. I will spread your goodness among the people whom I know.

  321. Sandy P says:

    St Rita, through our Lord Jesus, please let the Dr have made a mistake about my Sister Odet’s blood tests, that her baby is 99% Down Syndrome. Your miraculous intercession is much needed please. Amen.

  322. Janet says:

    Praise to St. Rita and our lord Jesus Christ. I can’t thank you enough for the graces that you are bestowing on me St.Rita.today is the 5th day of my novena and I started seeing miracles in my life.and I did promise St.Rita that I will spread her name among the people whom I know and pass her testimonies and am here.I did post my testimony yesterday and am again today. Coz r.Rita has blessed me so much with miracles I was in deep depression from past 1yr but am really reliefed after starting this novena and after seeing the miracles.I love you St.Rita. you are really wonder worker and saint of impossible causes.how can I ever forget to thank you. I wil definitely come tomo for thanking St.Rita and almighty for continuing the miracle in my life.

  323. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita,

    Thank You!! I got the job I desperately prayed for and asked you to intercede for me too. I do not feel excited about it but I know that with you, I am safe and I will do well on the job.

    Thank you for prayers answered.

    I’m still asking for that life partner you promised me because I am loosing hope or in all honesty, I have lost hope. So tell me, what’s the plan for me? Do i go ahead and adopt or take care of the motherless babies? Reveal the plan please.

    Your daughter in Christ

  324. Shelley says:

    This past November 2015, my husband of 6 years came back from his first military deployment, completely moved out of our house, filed for divorce without any closure/explanation, and zero communication. I was served divorce papers in December at my work. Early March 2016, in court my husband’s attorney told the judge that he has moved on and is in another relationship even though we were still married. The judge denied my request for marriage counseling. As of March 17th 2016, I received the worst email in my life, that I was officially divorced. As of April 14th, David officially posted on media he’s in another relationship and posted pictures of him and his new girlfriend together during his deployment while we’re still married. I’ll will forever remain faithful to my husband and I will never give up as love never loses hope and is always patient. Please pray for God to show us the way back to each other. “For the unbelieving husband is made holy through his wife and the unbelieving wife is made holy through her husband” (1Corn.7:14).

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Please hear my prayer and have mercy on us, if it be Your will…

    I fully surrender myself, David, our marriage, our minds, our bodies, our souls, our spirits, our sufferings, and our hearts to You Lord to do with as you please

    Help David and I to repent to You, turning away from sinful lifestyles, thoughts, people, and actions

    Sprinkle Your clean water on David, I, our marriage, and our families and wash us clean

    Be a wall of fire and a Divine Seal of Protection around David, I, our marriage, and our families

    Be a Divine influence like you did Hosea’s wife (Hos 2:6-7) Block David’s path with thornbushes, wall him in so he cannot find his way that leads him away from You, me, and our marriage. When David chases his lovers and sinful lifestyle he will not catch them and will not find satisfaction or happiness until he returns to You and our marriage.

    Holy Spirit dwell inside and move inside David, I, our marriage, our families, and friends and help David to be teachable and obedient to You.

    Help David and I to daily wear the full Armor of God (Gird our loins with truth, Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, Shod our feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace, Take up the Shield of Faith, Put on the Helmet of Salvation, and Take up the Sword of the Spirit) to stand firm and walk in Your faith and victory

    Speak to David and I loudly and clearly: Open our hearts, minds, body, soul, spirits, ears, and eyes to be open to Your truth: Cure David and I of spiritual blindness and deafness

    Guide and direct mine and David’s steps and position us to where You want us to be

    Touch/Heal mine, David’s, and our families’ hearts with Your love, grace, and mercy so that we can be born again with a new faith and a new heart that hates evil; Create in David, I, and our marriage a clean pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast, faithful, loyal, spirit within us

    Daily examine and control mine and David’s hearts, spirits, tongues, emotions, and feelings

    Holy Spirit grant and increase in David and I the power, wisdom, strength, courage, grace, perseverance, and mercy to be able to start to change the areas that need to be changed and to survive and surpass this trial/suffering in our marriage

    Send a Heavenly or Christian mortal to help David repent and see/hear God’s voice of reason and truth. Please help nothing to block/stop David from repenting/turning to you and our marriage reconciliation.

    Teach David and I to love You 1st, 2nd each other and our marriage unconditionally

    Help David and I to ALWAYS Fear You and always be obedient to Your Holy will and Your way

    Help David and I to respect, accept, obey, fulfill, and surrender daily to Your Holy will

    Help David and I to mature in You and mold us to be Your disciples: Mold me to be the wife You need me to be for David and mold David to be the husband You need him to be for me

    Help David and I NOT to lean on our own understandings and to be wise enough to see and know the devil’s lies

    Remove everything from David, I, and our marriage that is not of You and not Your will

    Remove mine and David’s heart of stone and give us a new heart of flesh

    Deliver our marriage and David and I from Satan’s stronghold and influence

    Bind, cancel, destroy, banish, rebuke and end all bitterness, hate, rage, anger, hurt, hostility, slander, envy, jealously, malice, impurity, lust, fantasy, greed, guilt, shame, selfishness, lies, pride, unfaithfulness, stubbornness, unbelief, doubt, revenge, rebellion, punishment, addictions, PTSD, depression, bipolar, anxiety, fear, worries, hopelessness, Satan, all diabolic infestations/oppressions, sinful desires/temptations, harmful friendships, and negative internal and external mortal influences away from David, I, our marriage/homes, friends and family

    Bind, cancel, destroy, banish, and rebuke this divorce, separation/division, silence, curses, and Satan and quickly guide David back to You, our marriage, and our home

    Fill and cover David, I, our marriage, and families with the Protection of the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, increase in us unending love, forgiveness, compassion, patience, wisdom, strength, courage, kindness, fortitude, understanding, piety, meekness, integrity, humility, Chasity, perseverance, self-control, clarity, joy, grace, peace, faith, hope, trust, and mercy

    Knock down and destroy the walls of silence, pride, lust, and anger and Open the doors to love, forgiveness, communication, reconciliation, and restoration

    Heal our broken hearts, bind our wounds from pain and sorrow, and remove negative memories, actions, and words from the past

    Help David and I to remember of all of our good times, happy memories, moments, words, and sacred promises/vows we made to You and each other

    Please reconcile, restore, renew, and rebuild our marriage with YOU and each other on the solid rock of Jesus Christ

    I humbly and whole heartedly ask all the Holy Saints, Apostles, Martyrs, Servants of God, Blessed’s, Venerable’s, Holy Angels, Holy Souls in Purgatory, and my Blessed Mother Mary to lift my prayers up to my Heavenly Father and to be intercessors in prayer for David, I, and our marriage. Please pray for us

    Thank you Heavenly Father for Your trust, and promises of Your word. Thank you my one and only God, my 1st love, in advance for rebuilding and reconciling our marriage, changing mine and David’s hearts, and bringing David back to You, our marriage and home. I love you! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    I miss my husband so much. Please pray my husband will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I begging and praying for a miracle. Please reconcile my marriage and and non existent communication. My heart is aching and breaking daily for my husband. Please pray God will touch and heal his heart and save him. Please save our marriage.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    Renae H

  325. Shelley says:

    Please add my prayer request for St. Rita’s intercession:

    For me and my wife, Elizabeth, that Elizabeth begin to see the true changes within me, that our bond in marriage may be healed and strengthened so that we may reconcile and reunite, and that Elizabeth may find healing for the pain in her past, and that God gives me the strength to continue my efforts to be a better man and husband.

    God bless you. Yours in Christ,

    Duncan P

  326. Janet says:

    Thank you St.Rita for your miracle on me.I thank and bless you and our lord Jesus. I really DAT my request to you has been answered am really happy n thankful 2 u for it.but I would lik it to continue i my life so I can keep thanking you for your blessings.pls give me the same and more happiness forever.. I will continue 2 do my novena to receive more blessing.. Thank you St.Rita and lord almighty.

  327. am 56 years old unemployed seaman for two years now due to overage policy implemented in shipping agencies in the Philippines. I have plenty debts and my saving is gone already. I have plenty debts and health problems as well as my wife. I have no source of income and I can not support my family now financially. I hope God will guide and show me the source of income for the sake of my family. I hope God will give me abundance and prosperity. Please help me thru your prayers. I need financial and healing prayers for me and my family. Thank you so much.

  328. Charles says:

    Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on me granting me job security; May the Lord bless my family granting upon us good health, divine protection and favours to the glory of His name, amen.

  329. Lee says:

    Dear St. Rita, Please pray for me. You know my necessities. I am at a crossroad and don’t know what to do. Through these years I’ve wanted to be in a relationship the right way with Christ in the union. Now it seems impossible because the same arguments occur. Please, St. Rita, pray for me to discern the right thing to do. Please ask the Holy Spirit to come to us and fill his heart with God’s love and a love for me. He is blind and cannot see my view. Please help us to come to an understanding or if it is not God’s will, to help me to find peace and be the best person I can be. In Jesus’s Name I humbly ask. Thank you, St. Rita. Amen.

  330. Terry Rabideau says:

    Thank you St Rita for all your help, with work and for everything requested.

  331. Shelley says:

    Please pray for me to return to my family, Ana, to Christian and Helena in our common home. I want to go back to my wife Anne in a hug and I want to get back together, that love between us again return to our hearts, to re-continue living together in marriage, peace and love more than before. We lived in married 23 years, and since 15.04.2016.nismo married, Anna filed for divorce. We have two children. I would love to go back to each other and to continue to live together in peace and love. I am very hard in the heart, there is this suffering and pain.
    Please pray for us.

  332. Shelley says:

    After searching for what seemed like forever for a job, when I turned to St. Rita, an employer that I thought would not get back to me after interviewing over a month earlier called and offered me the job! Thank you St. Rita, and I will let your name be known always.

    Terry R.

  333. Shelley says:

    Glory to the Blessed Trinity and Glory to your faithful servant Blessed Saint Rita of casia, I am invoking you now Blessed Saint Rita of Casio to interceed for me and obtain for me a favourable result that my deductions to Moniplus Ltd and Norman Finance Ltd be ceased immediately and I ask this prayer in Jesus Mighty Holy Name. Amen. KA

  334. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita,

    Where did I go wrong? I have prayed and fasted ferverently for a life partner for the past 6 years of my life and it has been a futile journey for me. Ups and downs, disappointments here and there. I currently just ended a 9days novena to you and things seem not to have changed. Im on a 9ays novena to St Jude and St Raphael, all for the same intention.

    Maybe I should stop praying for a life partner because it may never happen. So I’m openly declaring that that may be the Will of God for me. But then, whats the plan for me? But even God knows that living in this world as a single woman is not easy, but if that is my own cross as a human being, I am WILLING to carry it.

    However, please intercede for me to God to make other aspects of my life much easier and lighter since I already have a cross to bear. I want to relocate to a country with a fantastic good job at hand, where adoption of a child will not be a big problem for single women. And bless my career/health so that I can help the motherless babies and those in need too. If i financially grow very fast then I will dedicate myself to charity fully.

    Its such a pity that I will invoke so many saints of God-St Jude, St Raphael, St Rita and even our Mother of Perpetual Help and yet that one marital intention cannot be answered. Like i said, Its the Will of God, so please ease my other affairs for me,

    I am expecting a miracle in my career and health.

    Thanks to all the saints who have been with me throughout
    these trying times, THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU GOD!

  335. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita of Cascia for blessings received.

  336. Shelley says:

    Hi Lord, I am Raman Kumar from India. I want to share my inner feelings with you lord. I love Mexican woman. She lives in Mexico. Her name is Karime Alexandra Beccera Mendez. She lives in my heart. I want to marry her. I want to make her happiest woman in the world. I want to remove sadness from her life. I give you everything that she expect from my side. I support her in every situation. I accept her forever. I love you my soulmate Karime. I am yours and you are mine.Lord, Lord please provide me work visa for Mexico then I go to Mexico and marry with my soulmate Karime. I am waiting for your divine guiadance. Thanks lord for your time.
    Best Regards
    Raman Kumar
    Delhi, India

  337. Shelley says:

    Dear St. Rita,

    Thank you again for your continued kindness and support to me and my family, especially for my mother, father, brother, husband, and son. Thank you for giving me strength and renewed faith. Thank you St. Rita! Thank you Mary, Our Mother! Thank You God for making all things possible. Dear Jesus, I trust in you!. Have mercy on me. Thy Will be done.



  338. greta says:

    On the feast day of St. Rita i.e. Sunday, 22nd May 2016 please pray for the successful completion of our financial job.

  339. Sherene says:

    Thanksgiving to St Rita. I was suffering with back and lower abdomen from last three days. Doctor suggested me to do a scan to check whether there were stones in kidney. Thanks to St Rita my kidneys are normal. My left side ovary is bulky and doctor suspects cyst. I know that St Rita will surely cure me completely . Thanks once again to St Rita.

  340. Dear Novenas. I come before you asking for a miracle from you to please restore my marriage with my husband Juan. Please let him leave the person he is with right now and bring him home. Please I love my husband so much that I can’t think, or do anything. The lady is telling him what to do, she got his pay checks, he can’t give his kids nothing can’t see them. She have a spell on him that he can’t leave her and he can’t see his family. Please break that evil spell and let him realize that he love his family and need to come back home to us. Please soften his heart towards me and harden his heart towards the lady Jennie that broke my home up. Please open my husband heart and let him see the truth about her that she is only using him for revenge and his money. Please take Juan away from her. Please help me take the pain away from me. I can’t do it anymore. I just want to be consantrade on the Lord and and my husband feels the pain for me. Let him have my pain and let me be happy for once. Please I asked in your name Amen. Please lead him home to me faithfully and honest. No more adultery or seeing Jennie, please separate now because it is wrong what both of them doing. Please.

  341. Shelley says:

    I was struggling with difficult communication with my ex-husband when an e-mail arrived in my inbox with the subject “Do you know St. Rita?” Feeling strongly led to open it, I did so and immediately got chills throughout my body when I learned that she is the “Patroness of Impossible Cases” and victims of domestic violence.

    Upon reading her story and watching YouTube videos about her, I felt that she had reached out to me personally to inspire me with her obedience, patience, and forgiving spirit. She succeeded against odds that were truly impossible!! I gave up on my abusive husband and left him years ago. She stayed with hers for 18 years, and eventually led him to Christ with loving corrections. I still hold hatred and anger in my heart for my ex husband and can barely talk to him. I am not worthy of her intercession or favors.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about divine mercy and forgiveness this year. Deep within my heart of hearts, I knew that the right thing for me to do was to fully forgive my ex husband for his trespasses against me. Yet actually doing so seemed impossible. Fear has kept me clinging to that anger and bitterness for the past 6 years. I also felt that communication between us was impossible. Any time I asked him to change the visitation schedule, he would automatically say no and respond with anger. Every conversation was a battle for control. It felt completely hopeless. How could I ever hope to work with someone like that?

    After learning about St. Rita’s life, I immediately began to pray to her to ask for her powerful intercession with God. I prayed for Him to make my heart more like St. Rita’s. I prayed for the impossible to happen. For the hatred and bitterness to be lifted from my heart. For my ex husband to place the needs of our children before his need to control me. After only two nights of sincere prayer, my requests were obtained! Tonight, we had a completely civil conversation in which we mutually agreed upon a slight modification to our holiday schedule. I deflected a comment from him that would in the past have caused me to respond in anger. I felt wholly confident in the protection of Our Lord, St. Rita, and the Blessed Virgin. I felt their power and comfort leading me to be strong in my righteousness, and not fall to fear, bitterness about the past, or the temptation to argue. It was AWESOME!

    I plan to keep praying for the assistance of the truly amazing St. Rita. I am so thankful to her that even after this many hundred years, she is still looking after the flock. She plucked me out from among billions and gently corrected me. She made time to help heal me! Thank you St. Rita!!! I cannot thank you enough for the freedom that your intercession has granted me!!


  342. Shelley says:

    Please pray that the Sebastian and Bella’s relationship would heal through God’s love, compassion and forgiveness between them.

    Thank you,
    Yvette Gonzalez

  343. ashley says:

    I’m here to give a great testimony about my family, Dr Ekaka just restored back my family i have been have misunderstanding with my husband and his family we both have been living separately for over 1 year now. Till last week that i find a testimony on the internet on how Dr Ekaka help someone to bring back his family together which was the same issue that i was going through, I contact him on his website ekakaspelltemple.wix.com/drekaka about my problem and he told me what i needed to do after 24 hours i got a call from my husband asking me to forgive him for what has been going on it was just like a dream to be as things began to happen the same way Dr Ekaka told me. I am so happy right now that i have my family back together again.

  344. Jim Havemayer says:

    Dearmost staff, I would like you to help me pray so I marry Amy-Jane Peard from Wales , U.K., a blond gal who I love, she is the person I love the most on Earth, Please pray with all your might. I also wish and pray and I want you to pray for us to have kids, me with her, please please and thankyou infinitely. The gorgeous gal is her me being the guy in gray suit. She is the lady I love the most on Earth, the person I love the most in the Universe. To be honest I want three kids with her, the first two being daughters, the third being a son, all that resemble her the most. Please spread the voice to all you possibly can. I’m in Mexico City, Mexico just for now. SO you see, she and I have spoken about getting married and having kids.

    Jim Havemayer (Jaime Flores)

  345. Shelley says:

    I have a special devotion to St. Rita, and I would like to submit a prayer request:

    That me and my boyfriend make it right between us and that I learn to correct my flaws and that he finds it in his heart to forgive me.

    I would appreciate your help greatly! Thank you!


  346. Zeina says:

    Thank you Saint Rita for answering my prayers twice. You are truly the Saint of the impossible. Thank you for coming to my aid when I felt weak and lost. Thank you for every time you stood by my side. Thank you. I love you.

  347. Shelley says:

    God, You knows my pain, You know what was happened. You see everything, i came with a broken heart. I tried to cover my feelings from everyone, but i couldn’t stop waiting for his promise. i am still waiting for the miracle to come. God, You knows how long i have waited, please don’t leave me. Please help me, touch D.A. heart for me. I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me.

  348. Mark says:

    Thank you, St. Rita, you are so faithful to pray for us. The Lord has granted my petition through your powerful intercession! You have helped me, and I am eternally grateful.

  349. Frank says:

    I have prayed a Novenna to St Rita for some special request and I am saying thank you to her with the hope that my request will be granted
    Blessed by you st Rita… Thank You

  350. Dear St. Rita, through your intercession ask God to restore my vision, especially my night vision. Also I ask that I never have to have anymore abdominal surgery in my life.. Also for protection of my grandson, who is in jail, that he will not be beaten again and will soon be moved to a faith based dorm. Thank you, bless all of you and may God answer your own personal prayers.

  351. Rita K. says:

    Thank you sweet patron saint of mine, whom which I was named after. I will keep praying , nothing is solved yet , will not give up. Thank you for other prayers answered…

  352. JOY says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with St. Rita through this website. I will complete my novena to her for 9 days as I know she will be there to guide me in these troubled times. I have some legal issues with my long time friend and I hope and pray for support and guidance and that I may be able to overcome these. I am also praying that my children and loved ones be protected from all of these problems. Pray for us St. Rita, Pray for us today now and always. We love you. Please be with us now and forever. Love, JOY

  353. Matt says:

    Please prayer for me on passing my EMT written and practical. Please prayer for me to forgive all my sins, cursing and making fun of.

  354. Stella says:

    Thank you St. Rita for all the miracles and prayers answered. I pray to help me and my classmates pass our upcoming board exam this well in flying colors. I hope to make you more widely known cos you never let me down when in distress I call on you.

  355. Stella says:

    Thank you St. Rita for all the miracles and prayers answered. I pray to help me and my classmates pass our upcoming board exam this week in flying colors. I hope to make you more widely known cos you never let me down when in distress I call on you.

  356. Shelley says:

    Am asking through the intersection of mama rita, that God will make my
    result of my waec be an supercious one, also praying for progress in
    our family, and asking God that the heal he ve started in the life of
    my friend Ngozi Agu it should be permanent i ak this through Christ
    our Lord


  357. Shelley says:

    I’m praying for restoration with my girlfriend Carrie. I broke trust and crushed her by allowing someone to message me on Facebook. i never met the person ever. Carrie ( my gf) and I are soveriegn, madly in love, and planning marriage. Now no communications. We are in 40’s with kids. I am devastated. She isn’t wanting to forgive, I since have quit drinking, seeking counseling. I am scared my doubt is hindering prayer. I love God and pray he will restore us, we wanted a life together. I feel hopeless and worthless even though I know God loves me.
    She even said I was her best friend and she was absolutely going to marry me. I miss her so badly.


  358. Charmaine R. Villacorta says:

    Dear St Rita,
    Thank you for answering my prayers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and tell you how much I love you. Now, my birthday is fast approaching, I pray that my birthday will be a very happy one and i will obtain all the ardent wishes I ask from you as a birthday gits. I will forever be your faithful devotee.

    Love, Charmaine

  359. Amy says:

    Thank you St.Rita for answering my prayer and novena to you! My husband has found employment. We received the official word on the ninth day of my novena. Thank you!

  360. Shelley says:

    I pray for St. Rita’s intercession on my behalf of healing my broken heart. I lost a friend some time ago, and I am not sure what happened and why he left, but I’m having a hard time letting him go from my thoughts and especially my heart and I need to do so. I pray to experience the infinite love of God to remind me of what is honest and true and that there are others out there that strive, to be honest, and kind much like our Savior and that my heart will be healed.


  361. Shelley says:

    Praise the Lord
    Tomorrow July 3 , I am having an exam on the recruitment of Scientist post in ISRO. Time:9:30-11 am Indian Standard Time. Please pray for me.
    Hima Joy

  362. Shelley says:

    Please pray for conversion, forgiveness, baptism, healing, long life and salvation of Mufide Mary, Mehmet, Fevziye, Ali, Tahsin, Serif, Faruk, Ismail, Irfan, and all dear children of the family and all dear ones and for the soul of my mother Nedime and all her dear ones and Basar E and all dear alawies. In the Name of Jesus. God Bless. M. Mary

  363. JCC says:

    Please pray that my job review is favorable amd I can continue to be employed. God Bless You!

  364. dear st. rita, please intercede to God that the modification loan be granted with low payments to keep my house. i have been fighting for years to save my home,i have been cheated out of a lotta money but no one seems tho help.they just make promises that everything will be ok.i had a stroke in 2013 ,now retired with very little income.i have no one to help me, i am so tried. st. rita please intercede for my son mike to find a job and that God will take away the desire and taste to drink alcohol now and forever. he has lost hope of finding a job and making a life for himself. he drinks all the time and continue to be angry at the world,including his sister and me.please pray that God will bring him out of this dark despair. please st. rita pray for him and my daughter to find someone who will truly love them, so they can move on in life and be happy.i want to thank you for your prayers to God.

  365. LMS says:

    Please pray for the safety and well-being of all our children and grandchildren, especially those in any kind of immediate or pending physical or spiritual danger, particularly JSIJE and JAPANGJCEE. Please beg for God’s grace and provision over every spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and temporal need of every kind for each and every member of our family, and all families. That we may all follow God’s holy will in all aspects of our lives and be together with Him oneday for all Eternity.

  366. Chiemeka says:

    Thank you St Rita, I’ve called on you on several occasions and you have always come through for me…I call on you now regarding 1) a successful wedding and marriage. 2) a more fulfilling job and 3) to move into a better accommodation. I know as always the most gracious St of impossible cases would attend to these requests.

  367. Aighne2016 says:

    Dear St. Rita, i am forever grateful to you for praying for me that despite all that had happened, Our beloved Father in heaven, through His great love, mercy and compassion, would grant my prayer to pass the 2010 bar examinations. And I did pass the bar! I am truly humbled by God’s grace and for St. Rita’s intercession.

    O St. Rita, may you once again please pray for me and my husband who have been experiencing difficulties in our marriage for the past years. Please pray for us that by God’s grace, mercy and love, we will be able to resolve our issues, communicate effectively, forgive each other, become closer and to love each other again…and that both of us will change for the better…

    I likewise ask you O St. Rita, patron saint of the impossible and desperate causes, to please pray for Fiscal S. who is presently struggling with fear, death threats and bomb threats from a powerful evil man engaged in human trafficking, drugs and illegal gambling. Please pray for her protection and the safety of her family, and that may she persevere and remain steadfast in doing God’s will. I believe and have faith with all my heart that our Lord God will protect her, one of His instruments of justice, against evil men. O St. Rita, please pray too for the safety and protection of the victim, a little girl, and her guardian. May you send them beautiful roses to comfort their suffering hearts and deeply troubled souls.

    I humbly thank you St. Rita for this opportunity and for your beautiful prayers to our God the Father for me, my husband, our daughter, for Fiscal S. and the victims.

  368. Judy says:

    Much gratitude St Rita for your previous intercession for my daughter”s exams. Now I want to ask you to plead for leniency for my son as his school board reviews his far from impressive performance. May the board grant him a second chance. I pray that this is God’s will.

  369. stephanie says:

    thank you, st. rita for all your intercessions. Please continue to pray for me.

    Thank you.

  370. bobbie says:

    st. rita please intercede to God to return the sight in my left eye, give me energy, help me to lose weight, remove the pain from my legs and knees,send a financial blessing,new transportation, help my son find a good job,give up drinking alcohol. help my daughter to find true love and happiness. thank you for praying for us and all families in need. amen bobbie

  371. Shelley says:

    Please pray that my heart heals after a broken engagement. Please pray that the Lord fills my ex with the Holy Spirit so he may have remorse for the pain he caused. Please pray I find happiness again. With him, or with someone else Jesus finds best. Thank you!


    Jovan K.

  372. Shelley says:

    I wanted to thank st Rita for guiding me to the necessary choices I had to make during my separation of an abusive husband.
    Her guidance was very helpful.
    Thank you

  373. Diana J Gualtieri says:

    Please dear Lord and Blessed Mother and all the saints keep my son LJG safe on all connecting flights tomorrow July 15, 2016 and Saturday July 16, 2016 to final destination Milan, Italy. Be with him on the train ride to Nice, France to meet up with girlfriend and as he and his girlfriend DLK travel by car and train throughout southern France and to Cinque Terra and back to Milan, Italy and everywhere they travel there. Keep them safe in all the places they visit in France and Italy. Be with them on their separate connecting flights back to US Saturday and Sunday, July 30, 2016 and July 31, 2016. Keep them healthy while there and always.

    Thank you.


  374. M says:

    Saint Rita please bring my prayers for a lasting reconciliation with RM to Jesus and pray for me so God makes the impossible become possible by leading us back to each other very soon in faith, hope, and love. Thank you

  375. Bev says:

    Please intercede that the paperwork we are waiting for gets delivered today. Thank you St Rita

  376. Shelley says:

    Hello! I have a testimonial on St. Rita. Please do not use my name if you publish. It is a wonderful story:

    If this story doesn’t convince you of the powers of prayer – especially to Saint Rita, the Saint of the Impossible – nothing will.
    I am in my mid 50s and a single mom of one teenage boy. The only other living relative I have is my mother, who is 95. Our small family lived in the house I grew up in.

    For years, I helped my mother with various things, and as she became a lot older, I became her caregiver as well. I gave up the opportunity to achieve a gainful career. Several months after I divorced, my mother had a small stroke. But this stroke made her dementia symptoms worse. So much so, that I was no longer able to care for her. To augment maintenance from my ex, I had gotten a part time job. But, my mother now needed to be cared for and supervised 24/7. She needed to go into a nursing home, and I was staring at the very, very real prospect of being homeless.

    For Medicaid purposes, although you can legally transfer property to a child without money changing hands; if it is done within a 5 year look back period, then it is considered a “gift”, and the family will potentially owe a penalty equal to the value of the house. However, if you can qualify as a “Child Caregiver”, the transfer will be allowed without penalty.

    My mother had transferred her home to me within the 5 year look back. While I met the qualifications for Child Caregiver, our state apparently began to crack down on how many transfers they were allowing. Our elder care attorney was hearing stories of people who would have been easily allowed a transfer, maybe even a couple of months ago – were being denied. And this situation was becoming more and more frequent.

    We made our case, and waited. I had to wait 8 months. Every day I woke up wondering if I would lose our family home. And every single day, I prayed to St. Rita (and other great saints). One day a little over 8 months from our filing, my mother’s caseworker called. He had just heard from the state capitol, and they agreed to let me keep our home, without any penalties owed either!!

    Saint Rita DOES work miracles! Pray to her.

    And I also want to credit St. Philomena, St. Jude, and St. Matthew as well. I am eternally grateful to them.

  377. Shelley says:

    St Rita has always been my patron saint.
    I was praying for a request and by the 8th day it was granted through her help.
    Thank you wonder worker.
    Am in a serious financial problem which has affected my relationship with my husband and his family.
    Am praying for financial uplifting so as to be able to get out of the problem.
    Am prayer to get the job of epoxy sticker l quoted for with Total nigeria.
    My other purchase orders to be released also and peace to be restored back to my home.
    Thank you Mama Rita, wonder worker.

  378. Alfred Brown says:

    Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs deep inter healing. Pray that God will tear down all the strong holds in his life. Please pray God will heal the memories of his past. He needs to come unto Christ and give himself to God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ… I believe God can and will touch his life and touch his heart and mind… Pray for a miracle of New Life in Christ…Pray that he will be a new man in Christ Jesus… Pray that Eric will experience the grace and mercy of God and this will turn his life around!!!

    Thank You,
    Alfred Brown

  379. NZOM OSITA says:

    I humbly request St Rita assistance in my present financial problems , to pay my house rent and to pay Mr Theo Solomon his money I am owning him please. Thanks

  380. Rita K. says:

    Blessed st.Rita, Thank You for prayers answered. You know what is still in my heart., what I plead and long for. Be with me , oh dear saint of the impossible! I love thee

  381. Sylvia says:

    Thank you St. Rita for your intercession to Jesus. I prayed that medical tests done to my daughter would all be negative and they were. Thank you St. Rita. Thank you.

  382. Melissa says:

    Thank you Saint Rita for assisting my son overcome obstacles in his progress.

  383. Mei V.D says:

    I’ve always been told about the power of St. Rita – she brought my grandparents together, and she brought me and my husband together,

    My husband has been out of work for some time, and was recently made redundant from a temporary job he was holding. We’ve been struggling financially for about three years, though God has been benevolent in other small ways – we have a supporting family and I work for an understanding employer. However, the main cause of arguments, stress and despair is usually how to come up with the money to pay for bills, rent and our little one’s school fees. The job market has been rough on him and it was starting to take a toll on our marriage and family.

    I prayed to St. Rita twice and consecutively, just in case I didn’t do the first round right. I prayed with our little one for God to give my husband work. That was nearly one month ago.

    Last week he got a call and in a week’s turnaround time, he was interviewed twice, asked for references and got offered today! God is good! Thank you St. Rita for hearing our prayer and interceding on our behalf!

    It’s an absolute miracle!

  384. Gina says:

    I was so down and badly needed prayer. My boyfriend for 12 years broke up with me and its too impossible for him to come back. I searched for a saint whom i can trust to pray and help me on this trial that am I have. St Rita came in the picture and I devoted prayer her novena for 9 days. Day 11 my wish has been granted. Oh holy St Rita, you are so great and lovely. Pray for us always.

  385. dfalco says:

    I am in my 60’s, this past year brought pain in many areas of my life, please,I need strenght and acceptance to do Gods will.I am to weak in dealing with rejection.
    A major burglary to my home,that the judge inforce restitution to begin immediately.
    Employment to locate a good paying job,close to home
    My boyfriend of [5 1/2/ yrs.] to restore the relationship,heal his uncertainties and resume daily communication, my peace of mind
    Thank you and God bless you

  386. Melissa says:

    Thank you St. Rita for the wisdom and enlightenment that my son received by your prayers.

  387. d says:

    please easy my heart ake from boyfriends rejection,both seniors

  388. Robin says:

    Blessed Sweet Jesus, please pray for me to be set free from this weight that so easily besets me. Hebrews 12:1 12 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Bring lasting peace to my family, grant me loyal friendships and set me from from strife, bitterness, fighting and drama. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity! … love: where brethren dwell together in unity, the Lord commands the blessing. Eph 3:20 In Jesus name I pray amen.

  389. MAUREEN says:

    Thank you St. Rita for your previous intercessions. I want you to intercede for me in the following areas: 1.) my daughter to pass her resit examinations and her wisdom and intelligence be increased; 2.) that i should locate all my credentials and employment documents which are missing; 3.) that my husband will have a means of livelihood; and4.) that the will of God be made manifest as He grants my entire household sense of direction in our respective endeavour this year. Love, Maureen.

  390. Shelley says:

    Am married for 2 and half years. My husband being mamas boy does not treat me well..listens to the mother and gets angry with me every single day. We have parted ways and preparing for divorce. I lift him up in prayer that he may understand his duties and responsibilities as my husband acknowledge his wrongs change his negative attitude towards me and return back to restore our marriage and to constantly love me and respect me. Amen


  391. Shelley says:

    I was in need of funds to complete my third year of theology studies in Rome. I prayed to St. Rita, and she intervened miraculously for me to receive the necessary funds to complete the studies. Thank you St. Rita, for your help, and sorry for the delay in publishing the testimony.
    Jose Jacob

  392. Shelley says:

    Wonder working St Rita! The one who pleads tirelessly for our intentions at the foot of our Lord, the saint of difficult cases, the one who carries our prayers to God! Mama Rita, I am here again with full hope, faith and assurance that my intentions will be fulfilled.

    Please dear St Rita, heal me of my Fibromyalgia pain that has reduced my quality of life and kept me in the dark. I am in constant pain! I need speedy divine healing and I am assured that this is the best place to come to.

    I pray that Unilag MBA school will speedily release my result to Exams & Record and that my Transcript will be speedily processed n dispatched this week.

    I pray for an unusual very high score in my IELTS exam.

    I pray that by November 2016 I will get my Canadian Perm Resident Card and a job too.

    I pray to meet the love of my life when the time is right. I am turning 30 this month and I spent the last 5years of my life fasting & praying for a spouse, it didnt come to pass. As I enter a new phase (30yrs) in my life,if it be the Will of God,let him provide a man who will be everything I have ever wanted in a Man. I feel like I have over fasted and prayed about this particular intention, and I ask myself, Did other married women put this much effort into prayers b4 meeting their spouse? I know for sure that God will not put me to shame. If he keeps me single for life, I will agree that that was his original purpose for me. What else can I do but to keep striving.

    Dear St Rita and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, please intercede for me and give me an unusual grace-filled victory as I continue to persevere in Prayers and effort.

    O God my Father, please please please, I beg you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, help your daughter(me) and speedily grant me my heart desires, Amen!


  393. Shelley says:

    Please pray that my husband and I have a successful reconciliation in our marriage and he ends his affair. These past few months have been almost unbearable. We have been separated for 2 1/2 months and he has filed for divorce and is having an affair. I know we can work things out and can have a stronger marriage from this crisis. I have been praying to St Rita of Cascia and St Therese and have started praying to St Jude. (Our daughter’s name is Cassia). I know nothing is impossible through God. Please pray for us.

    Mary C.

  394. Shelley says:

    O St. Rita! IU could still remember that everytime I went to the church’ pprayer room I always look upon you and I know nothing about you. However it seems like, I’ve been searching for you so long, thanks to my classmate she introduced me to you. You did many miracles. You hear and answer prayers and now I humbly ask you to pray for me to your son Jesus to hear and answer me. Guide and protect us always. Take away all our fears, worries, depression and stress. Peace of mind.Successful cpa board examination october 2016. I know you help those who call upon you. This is not just for me but for all the people who is with me all the way. Pray for us, O St. Rita. Amen

  395. Sabina says:

    Dear St. Rita I need your intercession please to intercede for me in my grinding loneliness.
    My dear mother died some time ago. She was my best and only true friend in the whole world.
    Now I have nobody else in my life and am somewhat limited through a mild disability.
    I need your wisdom, love, intercession and protection please. Thank you.

  396. Shelley says:

    St Rita of Cascia, you have answered my prayer before, along with St Anne and St Mary, Mother of God. You who is the patron saint of infertility. I remembered that I prayed to you last year to bless us with a child and here I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. Ironically, we will be naming our daughter Cassia, not knowing you are from a town called Cascia, Italy. I come to you now dear St Rita with another favor to ask. I pray that you ask the Lord to heal our marriage and help us have a successful reconciliation. I pray that my husband will end his affair and stop the divorce and we can restore our marriage and make it stronger than it was before. You who is also the patron saint of difficult marriages and impossible causes, I pray to you along with St Therese and St Jude to please intercede with this special prayer request on my behalf. I pray that my request will be granted and that this is God’s will for us. Amen.


  397. Shelley says:

    Please pray that my wife Temple forgive me and find love in her heart for me. That our marriage be Reconciled and we be together as a family soon. What God has joined together let no man tear apart.Thank you Richard

  398. stephanie says:

    thank you, saint rita for everything, for your prayers, intercessions, and love and guidance. thank you. thank you. thank you.

  399. Rita K. says:

    Thank you again sweet patron saint Rita for being with me when needed. I ASK for your continuing guide and intervention for continuing hearted prayers.

  400. Diane Reilley says:

    Thank you St Rita for prayer answered. It truly was a miracle that my daughters injury was healed

  401. Shelley says:

    With a heart full of worries and a heavy problem’s I pray for the mercy of God in my life and that he will grant me my heart desires. I Margaret and my fiancé Moses onyekachukwu need financial help. I pray for God assistance in our case, I payer that God will bless us with money, for us to unite as husband and wife in a holy Matrimony, I prayer for God help to start up a business and live a holy life , I pray that God will destroy every spiritual force destroy our financial blessing and people that want to destroy us ,I pray for a house of my own and I pray that God will bless me with a fruit of the womb immediately after our marriage. O lord Jesus you said in your word that nothing is too difficult for you to do and you said to me in your holy word that I should ask you of the whole universe as my inheritance that you will give it to me, you said knock and the door will be open for you O Lord I am knocking at your door of riches ,open for me and others that need financial help I pray to thee. All this I ask from you O Lord Jesus Christ Amen .

    C. M.

  402. Shelley says:

    Thank you St Rita for your Devine intercession in my marriage. Thank you for answering my prayers and for continuing to work hard to fulfill the miracles I’ve asked for.


  403. Steven K says:

    Dear Saint Rita of Cascia, please hear and answer my prayers. I am in desperate financial distress. Please find the assistance I need soon. I have been praying for the past two months. I am so sorry for my sins and I am determined to be a better Christian. In Jesus, name, amen. I am so sorry my Dear Saint Rita. Amen

  404. christy says:

    St Rita I earnestly need your intercession. I did not run into your prayer book by coincidence. I did not take up this novena by chance. I did it all under God’s direction. Please join your prayers with mine to God. This is the 9th day of novena. I will continue to pray the Novena now and after and tell the world about you. Lord this is my time. You said to be satisfied with You that until then I will not find the love i seek. I am here. I have surrendered. Answer me O Lord and bless my future. I beg you Lord! Do with me what You will…

  405. Shelley says:

    St. Rita’s intercession has helped my wife and I on our journey of strengthening our marriage and love. I continue to look to her for prayers, blessings and protection while we work through difficult times.


  406. Shelley says:

    Dear shelley,
    I would like to make a request to st rita. I am a catholic and a very private person but this is hard for me.I have been having difficulty knowing what God wants of me especially concerning choosing a spouse. I know its time i seek His will.

    Last year about this time my fiance and i broke up because of genotype and that was hard for me. We accepted it as the will of God. Fast forward to exactly a year later i had to walk out of another relationship which was more like a situationship as he was wiith someone before he met me and vowed to end it that they have been having issues before i came in. its been 8months, says he wants to be with me and i should be patient. He is not a bad person, would prefer to hurt himself and focused but we just found ourselves there or atleast i know i did. He is catholic too and loves Mary

    Initially we both believed us meeting was spiritual,from God and i know that if God wills it we will be back together as we have seperated. I stumbled into a st rita’s prayer book in the midst of all this and started a novena 5days bak.I have heard of her before but recently learnt of her close relationship with God especially in cases like this.I seem to always get it wrong. I have decided to let God lead through st rita because i am obviously not capable and getting good men these days seems impossible thats why we hold on to what we have.


  407. Elizabeth says:

    Dear St. Rita,

    I have begun the novena, and I ask you and others to please pray to our Lord Jesus Christ for this petition: that my former fiance JH will recognize, admit, and repent of his prideful and abusive ways. I called it off, but as time goes on, I feel that he is who God wants me to marry. If God knows he can repent and we will have a healthy, holy marriage, then please have him come back to me so we can reconcile and grow closer to God. I was abusive too, so please also help me continue to grow.

    May God’s will be done.

    Thank you. Glory be to God the father. Amen.

  408. Elizabeth says:

    Dear St. Rita of Cascia,

    Please pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ that my ex JH will recognize, admit, and repent of his prideful and abusive ways. If it is God’s will that we be married, please have him come back to me. If not, please give me the strength to move on.

    Thank you.


    • Elizabeth says:

      Dear St. Rita,

      Thank you for hearing my prayers and giving me the strength to move on. Thank you for all your assistance with my work.

      Thank you.


  409. Linda says:

    Thank You St.Rita for a prayer answered!! Love You!

  410. zaneta says:

    Saint Rita, please pray for my sister Rosita and grant her an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby birth

  411. Lindsay says:

    St. Rita I continue to pray and know that I will soon have the miracle I am requesting that my marriage be saved and that he will come home. I thank you know for the comfort and I know it will take a while for this prayer request but I continue to have faith.

  412. Antonella says:

    Dear St Rita, I beg you to intervene before God on my behalf and reunite me with F. I know that he is not Catholic but he is a good man and I love him so. I have nothing to offer you except the promise that should we get married we would name our child Rita and foster the belief in the strength of prayer for there is only one God to us all. Kind St Rita, pls help me

  413. Eleza says:

    Dear siant Rita I ask your help in my marriage .my husband he’s not talking or have anything to do with me please prej for us forgive he’s sins I want peace ,loyalty and love in my marriage, I don’t know if there is someone else,we have 3 children,I love my husband and my family I want to have my family together please Holy Spirit come tonight and in he’s mind and he’s hart .give him peace and faith to be with he’s family and our marriage until death.amen

  414. Blessing says:

    Thanks St Rita. In July I was to be sanctioned for an offense I did commit at my place of work so I was depressed and in grieve when I saw St Rita of Cascia novena booklet so I sought Her intercession for 9days that the sanction be forgiven till today the sanctions did not get to me.

  415. elizabeth says:

    I have stated this novena on nov 5, 2016 to Saint Rita and ask you and others to please pray to our lord jesus crist for this petition. That I can find brother that was born kmc hospital in 1986, and any of his old medical records to be realeased. My family has suffered without him and he dearly missed and never forgotten. We just need peace and closure in are hearts. Amen.

  416. elizabeth says:

    Saint Rita I imploro you with urgency to hear my supplication this day #2, of my novena and really need ur help in this difficult situation!!!Let me please find brother that is lost and please return him to the arms of his mother that is suffering without him. He is missed dearly.Saint Rita in the name lord and his beloved son jesus crist!!!amen

  417. elizabeth says:

    Saint Rita hear my peticion and answer me urgency I need to find lost brother. Amen

  418. Etin says:

    Dear St Rita

    Thank you for intereceeding for me. Particularly for granting me success in my UK citizenship test. I am most grateful. Please join the other saints (St Anthony and St Jude) to intercede for me regarding my Job situation so I come back to testify. All these I ask through Christ my Lord. Amen

    • Etin says:

      Dear St Rita

      I have come back to testify and thank you for intereceeding for my regarding my job situation. Thank God for granting me my dream job and answering my prayers. I pray for God to perfect all that concerns this new job and to give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding I require to perform on the job. I am most grateful St. Rita, St. Anthony and St. Jude for interceeding for me.

  419. Shelley says:

    Please post my thank you to St Rita. She helped my son as I requested and gave him an opportunity to start a new chapter of his life. I am most grateful for the loving kindness.- Barbara

  420. Shelley says:

    I was raised as a catholic but never really went to church and never heard of st Rita before. I had a serious problem with my son’s immigration to the USA and I thought I would never see him again. I typed in the browser “miracles granted” , first thing came up was st. Rita. I read upon it and started to pray from my heart.
    I prayed for 2 days straight and cried out to st Rita to help me even though I didn’t deserve it.
    My son came back to the USA without problems even tho I was told he had no chance . Thank you st Rita and I will spread your praise forever


  421. Shelley says:

    St.Rita I beg you intercede for me and Mom, get us the physical healing that has long implore. You know our pain, our despair, you know that we can no longer live this way, they came to desire death for us, so needless to our lives, full of problems, because Jesus does not intervene, because we let suffer so! St. Rita did not let our life to continue like this, pray for us and give us a sign if Jesus desires that we continue to pray for our healing. Thank you.


  422. Shelley says:

    Plz pray for me St. Rita de Cascia Patron of the impossible. I have a very difficult financial proem plz help me i hope i will pay my debts it already due. Plz give me a miracle. Thank you.

  423. Shelley says:

    Dear Shelley,please join in my prayers to Saint Rita for God’s material and financial favor to settle down for I am overdue for marriage
    For traveling abroad
    For restoration of my years of lost blessings and opportunities
    For overcoming forces from my father’s house. Thanks a lot

    My name is John Paul

  424. Shelley says:

    Thankyou st rita for your intercession on my behalf days after i started the novena we started communicating again.Still waiting on God to knw His will. Been saying the novena now and praying more. I pray God forgives me my sins and let his love and mercy overshadow my shortcomings. Everything is ok. we at peace now just waiting for Gods will. I love you Lord help me to love u more 6 all of me. Amen!


  425. Shelley says:

    Please Santa Rita intercede in my divorce case and favor me and give me a peaceful divorce before Thanks Giving
    Protect me from my ex AAA and give him a good heart that loves God. A man that loves God will not hurt a woman.


  426. Shelley says:

    Thank you St. Rita for prayers answered. I continue to pray incessantly for your intercessions.

    Therese O.

  427. Shelley says:

    I would like to send my prayers and intentions to St. Rita. My husband and I have been struggling for the last two years since our son was born and was a very difficult baby. I found out in May he had an affair and continues to speak with her. He has recently moved back with his parents. I pray that through your intentions my husband will come home and we can be a family once again. I pray that we can communicate and forgive and show our son what a loving relationship is. I pray that we can be stronger and happy together and work at our marriage. I know these are very broad intentions but I just want my husband to want to love me and our son and our life together again and live under one roof. Thank you for all your guidance and prayer.


    • Lindsay says:

      Thank you St. Rita for showing me that you are working on granting thsee favors and requests. My husband and I communicate daily even if just a text, we are not living together yet but I know this will come in time. Thank you for the strength and comfort through all of this and I continue to pray.

  428. Shelley says:

    I would like to say thank you for the Holy Spirit always answering my prayers this is a powerful novena. Thank you for your mercy Lord
    .Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances of my life with me, I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory. Amen
    In Jesus Christ, your Son’s name, I ask that you grant me (State your specific request or intention here!)
    While making the request, you must promise either:
    •(a) To publish this prayer or
    •(b) To circulate the favor
    This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult it may be.

    Jaicee C.

  429. Shelley says:

    Dear St. Rita,
    I am glad l got to know you and l pray with fervor that you would pray for me and send my petition that my husband who almost left me and the family for another woman will be reunited with me once again. I pray that very soon he ends all contact with her. Please bring my prayer to the foot of Jesus whom in all things are possible…Amen

    Mary H.

  430. Shelley says:


    I want to thank St.Rita for favors granted early this year, prayer for permission for abdominal surgery and successful surgery to remove mass in my abdomen granted. Both Favors granted.


    i need financial relief,restoration, miracle. i have not been able to get new work aftersupport

    Solomon A.s of trying, i lost my last job 30 months ago, have exhausted my savings/401k, now on $400 social security, my car grounded because i cannot afford insurance, by goods in storage auctioned,i have to choose between buying food or life saving meds. i want to thank St.Rita for favors granted early this year, prayer for permission for abdominal surgery and successful surgery to remove mass in my abdomen granted. but now after healing, i need financial restoration from a good paying job or financial miracle.i hold a ph.d. in medical genetics. I have 2 minor children and an aged mother to support

    Solomon A.

  431. Shelley says:

    I wanted to find ways to publicly make known the favor of St Rita on my behalf. As a self-employed person my company was facing a significant loss of business which would have been devastating. I was informed that the business was being lost on Monday and by Tuesday was reciting the prayer to St. Rita asking for her intercession on our behalf to the Blessed Lord our God that, if it be his will, He soften the hearts and minds of our benefactors to the proposal that we made to save our business. By Thursday my prayers had been answered and the company restored our business. The power of prayer is incredible and presenting my needs to the Lord through reliance upon St. Rita through her merits and power before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I was granted my petition. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to St. Rita for the gifts to me, though I am so unworthy. I have shared this story with many already and plan to continue to make known St. Rita’s favor and praise her.

    Thank you,


  432. Rozel says:

    Thank you my dearest Patron Saint, St. Rita for all the favors granted through your intercession. Thank you for letting me experience God’s love through miracles.

    Thank you because you made me closer to God.

    St. Rita is really the saint of the impossible. Many of my prayers have been answered through her help.

    She is one of my favorite saints.

    Right now I am praying to God, with St. Rita’s help I am praying for the healing of my father’s gout, for me to find a gainful employment, for us to be able to find a helper for our business and for a new business opportunity. I know that it this is all according to God’s Holy will it will be answered in God’s perfect time.

    All Glory and Praise to You, God Almighty Father, to our Lord Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Please whoever is reading this keep on praying and keep the faith.

    God is working on your prayers right now. Don’t lose hope. :)

  433. Maggi says:

    I have been praying to Saint Rita for several days now. I believe in her and what she can do for all of us. Thank you Saint Rita for hearing all of my prayers and I will always be grateful to you everyday for coming into my life. Thank you for blessing my family & I and today as I await of your intercession to answer my prayers! Thank You Saint Rita

  434. elizabeth says:

    Saint Rita please have mercy and help me find lost brother that was born 1986 in bakersfield ca, if the confession of my uncle is truthful, grant me in name lord that brother can be reunited with his family. My mother is very ill and she only wants her son back in her arms she has suffered all this years with tears. Saint Rita hear my peticion!!!amen

  435. Maggi says:

    I ask you Saint Rita to her my humble petition and answer me with urgency to help my family & I get the 1,000 loan approved today so that we can spend our Christmas holidays at the beach house on the Sonoma Coast. I am so grateful to you! Thank You

  436. Antonella says:

    I ask prayers that the Lord moved with compassion of our souls and of our bodies. grant us the two great graces of physical healing that has long implore. God help us to understand our mistakes and to offer our new life, if He will, for the spread of the Gospel, to manifest to the world the great goodness and mercy he has for his creatures. I ask one more thing to Jesus and that is to break free from wicked people and the wiles of Satan, so that the workplace cease the persecution against me and harassment of any kind, ridicule and harassment that I have an origin malignant. Many people sleep involved and especially no one helps me. I hope that the Holy Spirit enlighten our minds our hearts to know and love God and to know how to avoid evil; I wish I could pray well to help my family and the people of God. May the Lord have mercy on us all and leads to heaven even my loved ones who are waiting to be freed from the pains of purgatory. Thank you.

  437. Eve says:

    St Rita I’m on the verge of losing my job and I’m kindly requesting you with my all to intercede for me for I am hopeless and I don’t know what to do. I’m requesting you to help me not to lose my job tomorrow. I also request for a better one. It’s time to move on to better. If I get my dream job I will be forever grateful and will forever praise you. I have a feeling that you’re about to do something great. I love you!x

    • Eve says:

      Thank you so much St. Rita, St. Jude. All the saints that came to my assistance ❤ miracle halfway done, patiently waiting :) love love love you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

  438. stephanie says:

    thank you, st. rita for your intercession. I know that it is late. Thank you.

  439. Rita K. says:

    Thank you saint Rita,for bringing my husband home from hospital,Grant the healing hands our Lord place apon him.

  440. Lucina says:

    Blessed St. Rita, I ask in the name of Jesus for healing. I was diagnosed with a big uterine polyp that might need to be surgically removed. If in Jesus name it shrinks and can be removed in outpatient procedure it will be a blessing from the most high. I have a granddaughter that needs me and I need to recover sooner to take care of her. She is 2 years old. Her mom is a single mom. Please intercede for me. I will tell everyone of your great help in Jesus Name. My appt. to see dr. Is Dec. 8 the day of the Immaculate Conception. Amen

  441. Rita K. says:

    Thank you blessed st. Rita for hearing what’s in my heart.

  442. angieAugustina says:

    Dear St Rita, i love you so much and am so grateful for your presence and intercession before God on my behalf. i am a sinner. But i trust in the mercy of Jesus, and have confidence in God’s promises. i asked you to pray with me for total healing of my sister; she did pass away but her suffering was lessened, and our whole family walked well on that path that the Lord chose for us. Now i ask for continued intercession for her husband who is 73 and raising their granddaughter, for their daughter who has fallen way out of the range of normal, and for the immediate release to heaven of my sister, if she is still being purified. Send comfort to all who mourn my extraordinary sister. i have confidence in Our Lord, i have confidence in you, St Rita, and all God’s angels and saints. With gratitude for God’s will be done, AMEN.

  443. Shelley says:

    submitted by R.M.

    I’m new to praying to Saints and about a week ago learned of St. Rita. I decided to pray to her as she may have been a more appropriate St. to ask to intercede for my case, however in the meantime I also learned of a stranger’s missing child, so on my last prayer I focused my prayers to St. Rita for that missing child, and I got the feeling over the two day period when he would be found. He has now been found. Thank you St. Rita for answering my prayers for the child to be found. I pray now and have faith that you will also intercede on the prayers for my behalf as well. Thank you St. Rita, thank you God!

  444. Shelley says:

    I have a friend (Loraine) who is going through aggressive treatment for Pancreatic cancer. She is in stage 3 which is not good Drs. are hoping with this aggressive chemo treatment that the tumors would shrink and they will be able to operate. Loraine has been going through terrible pain with this treatment . I prayed the 9 day novena to St Rita hoping my prayers would be answered.

    I found out today that St Rita has answered my prayers and the tumor has gotten smaller. Loraine still has a long way to go but with
    St Rita’s help she will make it.

    Thank-You St Rita for asking GOD to be with Loraine and helping her with this disease. I know St Rita will continue to ask GOD to continue to heal Loraine
    because he is a Loving and Merciful GOD.

    Thank- You Thank-You St Rita for praying for Loraine to our Lord Almighty GOD is GOOD and Wonderful.


  445. Shelley says:

    I wish to thank St. Rita for prayers answered. I continue to pray for her intercessions.


  446. Shelley says:

    St. Rita never abandoned me in the most truing times of my life. Thursday I received the answer from a month long petition I have been praying for. My partner JL gone astray and didnt talk to me. This happen weeks after his mother died. Its been a month of wondering what happened to him. Until last Thursday he message me to wait for him, He will talk to me when he is ready. It will be soon.

    St. Rita please continue to interved for his healing, for him to have courage, speak the truth, speak what he wants in our relationship. Together with the Blessed Mother, the Holy Souls in Purgatory, St. Therese, St. Expedite, St. Anthony, St. Claire, St. Philomena and St. Joseph

    St. Rita of Cascia, thank you very much!!! ,

    Pastor D

  447. Shelley says:

    Dear Shelly,
    I ask you to please pray that the bank turns around and lets me keep
    the 1940 cabin- house I am in and have owned since December 2001. I
    do my best to also help the homeless and those transitioning to a
    place to live and to jobs.. It seems that renting apartments and homes
    are just to high now a days and its much better to be able to rent a
    Wells Fargo denied me a Home Affordable Loan and even though I was
    part of the case that made the State of Oregon mandate face to face
    arbitration between the home owners and the Mortgage Companies, I am
    being refused this right because my case started before the law
    passed. If there is anyone out there that would pay for the house
    and let us rent to own the house from them I would accept that prayer
    too. Thank you for your time and prayers.
    God Bless you! sincerely, Shirley evers

  448. Rita K. says:

    Blessed St. RITA, Thankful for prayer answered, hope husband is on the mend.

  449. C says:

    I am praying the novena to St Rita, I am so desperate for my partner to leave the other women and stay with us and find his true love for me again – its been so tough but I am a believer of the power of prayer and I know this novena to St Rita will bring me my love back – it will take time and I must be patient but I believe – please pray for me X

  450. Etin says:

    Thank you St Rita for interceeding for me and helping me pass my LITUK test. I believe that you will also interceede for me regarding jobs. I pray for positive reponses/job offers from ES and WS in Jesus name and I promise to come back to share my testimony. All these I ask through Christ my Lord. Amen.

  451. Anna says:

    Dear Saint Rita, please help me with the problem which is bothering me from last two months.I am really worried.You know that I haven’t done anything wrong.Thank you for looking after me and my daughter.You always listen my prayers.Thank you.Anna

  452. Chris says:

    I have a compelling story to share with my fellow Catholics about my encounter with St.Rita. To start with, a strange red mark appeared on my forehead about 9 months ago and it reminded me of the wound on St. Rita’s forehead. Hence, I was drawn to her and decided to pray to her. The story starts back in 2007 when I met a young lady who stole my heart. I fell madly in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her. For the next 8 years I struggled to build a friendship with this girl, when I finally made a breakthrough in December 2015. Then three months later, on Easter Sunday, she broke my heart by telling me that she was seeing someone and that it was “serious”. So I countered by writing a six-page letter to this girl telling her about how I fell in love with her at first sight. The girl was shocked at my feelings and pushed me away and blocked me on Facebook. I was devastated. Then one day in May 2016 I looked in the mirror and noted that my forehead mark was actually turning into a darker red and spreading to about a quarter inch in diameter. It was then that I decided to start a nine day novena to St. Rita. To my amazement, I had discovered about five days into the novena that I was scheduled to wrap up the novena on the day of St. Rita’s feast. What a lovely coincidence! So here I am on the morning of St. Rita’s feast day, finished my novena asking for a marriage to the love-at-first-sight girl, and I decided to watch EWTN in the hopes of finding a program or documentary on St. Rita. When I turned on the TV to EWTN, there was a talk show on, and the guest of the program was Tim Staples. While Tim was giving his testimony, I noticed that his relationships with women were similar to mine. Then, he went into a lovely story about how he met his wife. He said he looked into her eyes for the first time and said “this is my wife”. Love at first sight! Just like with me! He also explained that his wife never felt the same feeling, and that “it took a while” to convince her to marry him. Now Tim and his lovely wife have nine children together. I took this as a sign from God that love-at-first-sight is real and it does happen and that all is possible through prayer and faith. Mr. Staples asked God for a wife, and God came through with flying colors. As for the girl that I love, well, she is still with her boyfriend. I haven’t spoken to her in eight months. But my heart is still on fire for her, and it was on this evening that I started thinking about St. Rita and her patronage of impossible cases. Then my conscience told me to get on the message boards and post my testimony – so here it is! The moral of the story is this: God speaks to us in wonderful miracles and coincidences through the intercession of our beloved St. Rita. It was my love of St. Rita that brought about these wonderful coincidences. And I just might start a new novena and ask St. Rita and our Lord to bring me and my lady love together so that I can love her with God’s sacred and holy love…in matrimony and in eternal life. Believe in love! Believe in God! Believe in the power of St. Rita’s intercessions! In the name of Jesus Christ, God bless all of my fellow Catholics. I promise to keep you all updated. +

  453. Rita K. says:

    Blessed Saint Rita , Truley Thankful for the favor granted answer of today’s phone call. For my family and God’s blessings of what is in my heart. RK

  454. IA says:

    Dear St Rita,

    I am so grateful to have called on you after a number of years when I prayed a Novena in your honour for a job and was blessed with a wonderful job.
    I am so glad to have recently completed a Novena for my Spouse to love me, be understanding, work for the good of our marriage and for us to have a happy and holy family. Thank you so much for your intercession for the positive change witnessed is so amazing as I already begun receiving answers to my prayers even just before the end of the Novena! I really previously considered this a difficult challenge I had. I also thank our loving Mother of Perpetual Help and our gracious Lord Jesus Christ.

  455. ROSE says:

    Thank you for all favours granted. Please help our daughter in her exam tomorrow .She has worked so hard Please help her be successful.St. Rita we trust you and love you

  456. Darlene Roberta Paige says:

    St. Rita

    We have not talked for awhile and I am truly sorry. I miss you and want to speak with you daily. I called you my very best friend but yet I neglected you. I know you have continued to be near. I ask you to bring the closeness back as it use to be. Pray for me St. Rita in my needs. I thank you for all you have done for me from the moment I came upon you and your life I new you understood me and would help me. You did. Thank you St. Rita

  457. Rita K. says:

    Thank You saint Ritaand saint Francis of Assisi for that little sign of hope for my daughters dog.

  458. Rachel says:

    St. Rita of Cascia please help me pray for the success of my son, Oigres Ronaldson B. Sarmiento’s application to PNPA this year. Thank you very much, St. Rita

  459. Rachel says:

    St. Rita my son will have their Physical Examination, Neuro and Panel Interview next week but he until now he can’t perform his proper pull ups, I pray to you that you will help him pass all the tests and exercises given to him by the PNPA. Thank you St. Rita!

  460. CK says:

    I have been praying to St Rita and I am desperate for my prayers to be answered. I finished my first Novena and I believe my prayers where answered then a few days later It was all up in the air again – I prayed a day each hour for 9 hours and again I had a little resolve, but again hesitation went back to how it was. I will start a 9 hour novena again tomorrow and a nine day novena tonight I pray please hear my prayers I so need your help to resolve this desperate situation with my partner X

  461. monica says:

    I pray to St Rita to intervene for my daughter that she passed her test for it will help her gain confidence in herself. She is quite a shy girl and prefer not to participate in class eventhough she is capable. This is what her teacher said during the parent-teacher review. She is quite shy and sometimes feel unsure of herself. I am not sure how to help her. Please help me help my children. Ask God to give me guidance on how I can raise my children so that they grow up healthy, happy, and confident people. Confident in such a why that they feel capable of handling any situation in life. Best of all, I want them to grow up happy, happy with who they are.

    Thank you Saint Rita

    I am publishing the 3 day novena passed to me by friends that I used to pray for my family.

    Novena say 3 days publish on 3rd day,never fails trust and believe god will deliver.
    Oh! Dear Mother of God,
    Our Lady of Conception Aparecida!
    Oh! Saint Rita of Cassia
    and Saint Jude worker of miracles
    and helper of impossible causes
    pray for me.
    Saint Expedite, Saint of urgent causes.
    Saint Edwiges the Saint of the needy,
    you know how desperate I feel,
    please ask Jesus to help me.
    (Here mention your request)
    May the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    be adored and glorified for ever.
    Pray 1 Our Father, Hail Mary,
    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,
    and to the Holy Spirit.
    As it was in the beginning,
    is now, and ever shall be,
    world without end. Amen.
    Pray for 3 days. Publish on the 3rd day.
    See what will happen on the 4th day.

    DEAR HEART OF JESUS In the past I have asked for many favors, this time I ask for this special one. Take it dear Heart of Jesus and place it with your own broken heart where your Father will see it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favor, not mine. Amen. Say prayer for 3 days, promise publication and favor will be granted. Never known to fail.
    Holy Spirit you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideals. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget all that is done to me. You who are in all the instincts of my life. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and affirm once more that I never want to be separated from you (name whatever your request is). Say this prayer for 3 days. After the third day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult. Promising to publish the entire dialogue is a condition for granting your request

  462. stephanie says:

    thank you saint rita. thank you. i will continue to pray and ask for your intercession. thank you.

  463. Erin says:

    Thank you St. Rita for answering my prayers and allowing me to live a long, healthy life with my family. Thank you for your blessings.

  464. Rita K. says:

    Thank you st. Rita for a Prayer answered today for my husband, and myself.

  465. Rita K. says:

    Dearest St. Rita, Grant my daughter protection for having a healthy baby, pregnancy. Make her calm, her husband to support and be patient with her doing a stupid thing.

  466. Maria says:

    I just completed the St Rita novena and I know and believe that God has answered my prayers. I pray he returns love back to my relationship and that my boyfriend whom I love so much proposes to me this year. Amen.

  467. Dan B. says:

    Thank you, blessed St. Rita, for helping me.

  468. Matt says:

    Please prayer for me because I will be retaking my EMT practical please prayer for me that I will pass it and also to have my nervous calms.

  469. Oguejiofor says:

    Please join me to ask God through St. Rita’s intersession that I may start my own business and move in to my own apartment and get married. May I get married to the persons God has destined me to marry and have healthy and good children. May I have resources to carter for them all through life and may me and my wife love each other deeply. Thank you St. Rita for everything because I know you will do all for me.

  470. Rita K. says:

    Prayers answered today… forever grateful Blessed Saint Rita!

  471. Paskalia says:

    Thank you for answered prayer ST. RITA I had been unwell and prayed
    The novena. The doctors report is positive and there is tremendous improvement. I have faith that I will be completely healed.

  472. stephanie says:

    thank you, st. rita. thank you.

  473. gj says:

    i just want to share how saint rita granted immediately my prayers.. she is really working for us who have faith in her.. everytime i prayed her novena heartily within the day she answered my prayers.. truly if u believe u will receive.. thank u saint rita..thank u mother mary.. praised be to God..

  474. MJ says:

    Thanks to St. Rita for hearing my prayers regarding my daughter’s infertility ! Also thanks to St. Jude and the Sacred heart of Jesus! Blessed be God forever!

  475. Laura says:

    For help getting our finances in order so that we may find a way to pay for school for our daughter.

  476. stephanie says:

    thank you st. rita for your intercession. i know that my prayer will be granted.

  477. ogiri says:

    Lord, I am in pains, of both body and soul. Kindly assist me in this period of trials to repay my debts. Lord I beg you. Jesus, you say if we ask of the Father in your name, He will do. In the name of Jesus, the Son of God, I ask for the grace to repay my loans and to get a principal reservoir engineering position in order to take care of family. Thank you, LORD.

  478. Regina says:

    St Rita please help my son (A) with a good job offer soon as he has been out of work for a while and has a young family to take care, also help his wife (E) with a part-time job to suit the baby’s needs. Please send 2 good long term tenants to the vacant properties and help release the bond money. Bless us all with good health and especially myself, heal me of the pain in my stomach, my throat and the pain in my back. Bless and protect all our families, children and grand-kids. St Rita help us financially and please ask Jesus and Mary to intercede on our behalf. We love you St Rita and trust in you. Dear Sisters please keep us in your prayers and specially for my son’s job. God Bless you all.

  479. Harvey says:

    Pray for my houseing situation that God will show favor

  480. Maida Mabulac says:

    Dear Shelley,

    Please pray to St. Rita’s intercession that my long time desire to get wed with the man God willed fore may finally happen before 2017 ends and that all my financial obligations be fully paid off

    God bless you!

  481. Praise the Lord. My name is Bhavani. Iam full happy. Today I heard saint rita voice in my dreams. I am so happy and confident I understood my wish which I asked will be granted. Thank you so much rita for showing signs of the presence. I will be waiting. To the all saints iam praying iam always thanking you all my saints. I need your help saint jude and expedite. Come to mine assistance and please Grantchester many wishes

  482. Rm says:

    ST RITA, you have heard and answered my prayers in the past . I have faith and trust in you that you will hear and answer my current intentions. We have been waiting for the bank approval and we have come across the last hurdle they required , please help and see us get this approval in order for us to move forward and to get our finances in order .

  483. Laura says:

    Thank you St Rita for helping us find a way to pay for my daughter’s school! You certainly worked miracles. :-)

  484. Laura says:

    Thank you St. Rita for answering our prayers.

  485. Justina says:

    I find it difficult to give testimonies but I received a shocking miracles through the intercession of saint Rita,the online business(Twinkas) I did on Jan19th,2016 that just hanged,am suppose to be paid 10k,after the novena on March2nd which is like it has crashed,I was paid 15k instead peacefully and I got a job too after staying at home for one year and 8months even when the job was not steady,I was eventually begged to stay. Thank you saint Rota for your intercession, Amen.

  486. Holy Saint Rita of Cascia, hear my humble Petition to obtain a potential buyer who will purchase my kigamboni plot in Tanzania at a good price and enalbe us to fulfill our dreams as soon as possible.

  487. stephanie says:

    st rita, thank you so much for your intercessions on my behalf always. thank you so much. thank you.

  488. Mary S says:

    Thank you St. Rita. I have been praying for many difficult situations facing my extended family members. I prayed for some positive change, no matter how small for my nephew and his family who have been going thru a horrible time since he came home from Afghanistan. St. Rita has answered my prayers as there is some positive, small changes happening. Thank you!

  489. Jane says:

    Please pray for myself my husband our two little children
    & our future & future children ..The council are making a decision soon please pray that we will be finally offered the home that we want..please pray for my sister & her husband & their unborn baby that she is due to give birth to any day now pray that she will have a good labour & good birth that she will have a happy healthy baby..Also they live in a home where they have wicked neighbour’s they can not live happy there their in fear going back to their pray that they will be set free & granted a home where they can finally live happily & in peace & enjoy their life’s with their baby.. thank you

  490. Sarah says:

    St. Rita, please pray for RKY to fall in love with me again. We have 3 children and a beautiful family. I pray he will so our family can stay together forever. Amen

  491. Mary S says:

    Again I must thank St. Rita for answering my prayers. I have been praying that my son turn back to his faith. He usually becomes defensive when I try to talk to him about it in any way but the other night he asked me to pray for his fiance. I see this as a small step towards his return and a sign that he hasn’t given up his faith entirely. Thank you St. Rita.

  492. christy says:

    Thankyou Mama Rita! Just passing. Your intercessions will I always seek. Let all be done to me as the lord wills. Amen!

  493. Sheela says:

    Dear , We are suffering of a havy financial issues however we try to pay off the loan it is very diffult for us as we have a very low income. We have used this fund to give good education to our children. Please pray for us as we both have a very low income. Please pray for us that we are blessed financially so that we can pay off all the money we owe to the bank and to those whom we owe.

    Please bless us with a financial blessing.

    Thanks & Regards Sheela Thomas

  494. Jeremy says:

    St. Rita, please allow my wife to be able to have another child and for my son to not worry and have anxiety. I also pray that you take away my worry and anxiety and that I could find a less stressful occupation.

  495. Thank you beautiful St. Rita for my answered prayer regarding my health, I love you with all my heart.

  496. Frances C says:

    Oh my Goodness! St Rita came to my rescue in her entirety! I started this Novena with a week deadline and I got my miracle in just 1 day! Pray with faith dear ones and you dance just as I am now!

    St Rita of Cascia, pray for us!

  497. Mary says:

    St. Rita pray for my son to pass the CLEP exams to allow him to graduate.

  498. Rita K. says:

    Dearest St. RITA, I am thankful for your protection, and guide. Watch over my love one’s. Hear my plead that the doctor may give my husband more time to recoup. Thank you Love .

  499. Rita K. says:

    Thank you so so much Saint Rita for prayers answered today. I am grateful, I Love You!

  500. carlos says:




  501. opti says:

    Dear St Rita,
    I pray for my husband to bring back his respect and love to me. I pray he forgets and stay away from his colleague and suspected other woman. Please Help me pray to Our Lord Jesus that my husband will have a change of heart for him to know his priorities which is our marriage and future family. May he stumble and learn lessons from it and do what is right. May his anger at me removed and bring back his love like what we used to have before. Thank you St Rita In Jesus name. amen

  502. Mary R says:

    Dear St Rita please find a suitable life partner for me and my sisters.

    Please hear my prayers

  503. Piper Barnes says:

    My prayer has been answered after faithfully waiting and recently praying the St. Rita Novena. Thank you St. Rita for granting my favor. Your intercession means the world to me and my family. It has greatly put my mommy heart and soul at ease. We shall be ever grateful to you for this and remember you always when in need.

  504. Dearest Saint Rita, our Lord and Saviour has protected me from harm for so long yet I find it in my heart for you to intercede in my impossible struggles with major depressive disorder, my use of drugs, including cigarettes, the severe heart disease and my fear of everything. I humbly ask for a so very much yet I will persevere with as much faith as I can muster.God Bless you, our Most Holy Virgin Mary, Sacred and loved Jesus and Our God the Father, Amen. Terry K.

  505. LJ says:

    Thank you Lord for blessing me with this life. Right now I am stressed to the max over this new job that I have taken. I am grateful for this opportunity, but it is new to me x3weeks. I am asking for a miracle that I am just being over paranoid and that the, “house mouse,” was not saying anything regarding my work tonight. I really need God to protect me and shine his light on me in a very positive way so I may keep this job and move on to the next portion of my training. I pray that the Dear Lord would show mercy and kindness on me as he has done so many times before. That tonight I’m just hyper sensitive and paranoid due needing to do well in this certain area of this job. I am asking God to grant nothing but good things come out of the workers, and the, ” house mouses,” mouth. I am super stressed beyond belief even as I type and ask for you all to pray for me as my shift is coming to an in end and in 1 hr, then I will find out if I am doing well or if they did speak something negative regarding me. Please Dear Lord have mercy and kindness on me. Thank you soo much for helping me, and healing me, my heart and my stress. I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen. Thank you all for taking your time to pray for me. Sincerely, STRESSED OUT.

  506. Persis says:

    I am writing to share my experience with St. Rita. I started my novena on May 8th, 2017 asking St. Rita to intercede for me. My needs were to find a good positon soon as my one year for unemployment had come around on May 4th, despite all networking efforts, applications online, linkedin, it was a dry valley and it was a very depressing experience where there was literally no hope, despite my daily prayers. I asked St. Rita to assist me and in return i would publish her help in this time, as well as attend her special service for her upcoming feast day. Well, once my novena was wrapping up, I received a job offer and I start this Monday, May 22nd-her feast day! praise be to God, who can do the impossible and many thanks to the saints who listen on our behalf!

    I wanted to share this testimony as this seemed like a very impossible situation, I am asking her for another favor, and I am praying she will be just as effective and generous.

    Thank you!



  507. Rita K says:

    Dearest St. RITA ,this is your feast day, You know what is in. My heart, and mind.May God Heal my husband’s knees, finances. I Pray for a healthy grandchild. I Thank you Saint Rita. For the angels around me. Please intercede my prayers. Thank You for EVERYTHING!! I love you! Hope to hear soon.

  508. Rita K says:

    I Love You my sweet patron saint, whom my Grandma named me after when my own Mama died.

  509. EA says:

    I celebrate you Saint Rita … you are unquestionable the saint of impossible and difficult situation. I congratulate you as you mark another year in heaven

  510. Shelley says:

    St. Rita has been with my daughter-in-law through nursing school. She interceded for us that she pass the State boards, and she excelled through them! She interceded for us that she get an interview, she had two. Well today she was offered a job at a great pay! Thank you so much St. Rita!

  511. Shelley says:

    St Rita,intercede for yvonne and I in our immigration trouble and restore our marriage.we have been separated for over twelve yrs now

  512. Shelley says:

    Please pray for me, may God get back my ex for me. I love him a lot, but I lost him due to my short temper and my big ego. Please pray for me, that God help me to stay strong and touch my heart to remove my pain and heaviness that i feel. May God touch his heart so that he will come back to me. May God give me one chance and i will keep my ego aside and love him even more. Please pray for me, That God grant my prayer may this year i can get scholarship to continue my study abroad. Amin. Please, i beg..pray for me. Thank You so much. God bless us.

  513. Shelley says:

    I glorify God for the miraculous act in my life.

    Last year ,i began my journey to become a CPA. I asked God to help me pass all my exams in the first sitting. I prayed to St Rita to help me ask God to grant this favor. I worked hard,prayed so hard while putting my trust in God and St Rita (novena).

    I passed all my exam within the time frame i asked God. With the help of St Rita, St Juda,St Anthony of Padua and St Philomena(novena), i successfully achieved my goal. Please, do not lose hope, rather pray with faith and God will hear your prayers.

    Glory be to God of the most high.

  514. Shelley says:

    I had some health issues the past 3 months I prayed to St. Rita to let my tests that were taken to come out normal. I prayed everyday day to St. Rita and every time the doctor called with my results they all came back normal. Thank you beautiful St. Rita for answering my prayers, I love you with all my heart!

    Carmella R

  515. Shelley says:

    Hi, My name is Cindy, and I prayed the 9 days novena prayer to St. Rita. Before I entered into this prayer, I had suffered some physical illness, and at about 5th days of the novena prayer, I found out that my symptom of pains and discomfort had decreased dramatically. Not only that, I was able to quickly find a good physician to check on me! Thank you St. Rita. Also, a friend of mine owed me some money, and she did not know how to return this amount of the money to me, I suggested her to pray the novena prayer to St. Rita at the same time when I was doing mine. She was able to receive her pay check from a business deal, and she will return my money shortly. Also, I was praying to St. Rita to have a good friendship and a working relationship with one of my career partner because before we had lots of conflicts and strifes. After about 6th days of the novena prayer, our relationships have been a sweet and loving one where we were able to work together and enjoy each other’s company.

    Thank you!! P.S. There are still prayers that I asked St. Rita to intercede for me and have not been answered yet. I believe it is either not of God’s will, or it is simply the matter of timing. However, I really feel the love of this sister of Christ in me when I did the Novena prayer to her in the past 9 days.

  516. Shelley says:

    Dear St. Rita Please pray for us as me and my husband both struggling with infertility and in need of your blessing so we can conceive a healthy child we waiting for, we believe in you that our wishes and prayers will be heard and granted.

  517. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita,

    Please do a miracle please find a suitable life partner for me and my sisters we are struggling alot really need your help. Please prayer for me St Rita i am going through alot these days im fed up listening to people taunts that you are not getting married etc.

    St Rita you are called the patron of impossible cases please hear my prayer

  518. Shelley says:

    I’ve been praying to St. Rita for one of my sons employment status since his company has been sold. Lovely St. Rita has interceded again on our behalf and his employment is secure. I will always sing the praises of Saint Rita and thank her for praying for us.

  519. Shelley says:

    Happy feast day Mama Rita! I got your rose blessed by the priest in mass today, thankyou☺. I’m going to have it with me for the next 9days while i pray the novena. My intentions to be married has not yet been met but so many amazing things are happening. It happens God is not going to do just that but lots more I have to build my faith. So today im asking that you join your faith with mine so that my intentions will find favour with God and His son Jesus and Our Mother Mary. I am involving everyone Mama as this is big! Thankyou Mama Rita!!

  520. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita, Im also praying for a dear friend. He has been battling for so long now. Looking for directions, trying to make a meaning of his life, family issues and some other things that are not right in his life. I need you Mama to intercede so that God can touch his heart. Help him find Christ in all of his struggles as you did. Let him stop, rest and let God handle. Also praying for his parents for God to restore their health and give them the grace to experience His love in their pains and sufferings. Amen

  521. Darrin French says:

    St. Rita and St. Andrew

    I had been out of work since October. I prayed the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena from Nov 30th until Christmas day requesting Our Lord bring me my next job, “directly”. I asked for this unusual prayer because my last few pick(s) in jobs were not a good fit. My last pick turned out to be working with people who were very ungodly. In fact, I lost the job because I was the only person who did not make use of bad language. My work was considered well done but I did not fit the crowd.

    After I completed the St. Andrew novena, I remained unemployed, hungry, fearful, and most concerned. I support a wife and five small children – God’s blessings and richness.

    In March, my wife suggested we start another novena to our family patron, St. Rita. On the ninth day, I received a call from nowhere. The hiring manager never interviewed me, never met me, and the following day outright hired me! The manager located me from Monster.com, a posted resume that previously won no attention. The job was indeed brought directly to me via
    St. Andrew and St Rita, who arranged the call on the ninth day of the novena.

    I was overwhelmed that both St. Andrew and St Rita came through together. What a wonderful family we have in heaven. They truly are concerned about our well-being. It made me think hard and long just how much the Saints are integrated in our lives and that they do care. Prior we were living on other people’s donations. We never were late on bills, always had something to eat, and no harm came to any family member.

    I learned a value in trusting in God. Trusting is a difficult concept because I was taught to work for myself and work hard to survive. It is true to work, and work hard, however it is a lie to trust in oneself to provide. God alone is the One who provides all means in life, including breathing.

    It is difficult to accept this reality, but take it from me, for those who know me, it is true. I pray someday I am able to take my family to Italy so we can personally thank St Rita for her intercession. As a pro-Medjugorje follower, I would not mind spending a week there with the family as well.

    How shallow I had become by not trusting in God. A lesson learned. The most difficult part is to best learn to know in our everyday lives what to trust in God for, and what to trust within us. When driving a car, I am the person who mans the wheel. However, at times, God mans the wheel to protect and guard against a fatal accident. It has happened to me once. Another story for another time. These events, in trust, are a mystery. One I am unable to explain nor properly inform others of. I can only share what occurred to me.

  522. Thank you Becky Wilson R, for showing me the prayers to St Rita.
    I have prayed all of them, & will continue to. Love you.💛

  523. Shelley says:

    Dear St Rita, about a week ago, I was encouraged by a friend to begin a novena in your honor. I have over the past two years and up to this present time been experiencing grave issues with employment. I also came from a failed relationship which resulted in a pregnancy. St Rita, I really need your prayers. Pray for me that through your prayers and that of the blessed Virgin Mary and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I will receive a complete breakthrough. St Rita, pray for us.

    Paul B.

  524. Kelvin Paul says:

    Dear St Ritha,

    I have been out of work for over a year, me and my family are surviving on a miracle, I have started praying the Novena of St Ritha, this is the, 8th day, asking for, job, and financial stability so the I can pay my debts, I know and believe my prayers are going to be answered, and I will come back here with a testimony. St Ritha has already intercede I am just waiting for confirmation that’s my belief.

  525. Steve says:

    I been down and out penniless for so long, its been a burden in my life ,I pray for happier time St.Rita .Amen

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